‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Moving In with Boyfriend Cole Smith

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford (aka Hailey #2)will be moving in with her boyfriend Cole Smith. She and Cole have been together since she gave birth to her son, Levi. Cole has been there to help Hailey with her son. Some Unexpected followers think Matthew Blevins does not want anything to do with the child. But, Hailey #2 and Cole are focusing on their future together. And doing what is best for their little family of three.

Unexpected TLC: Hailey Tilford Raising Son with New Boyfriend

Hailey Tilford seems to have no contact with the father of her child. In the past, Matthew Blevins denied being the father of baby Levi. Hailey has been open about her feelings towards Matthew. She doesn’t even consider him being the father. The Unexpected castmate calls Matthew the “sperm donor.” But, Levi seemingly won’t be growing up without a father figure in his life.

The Unexpected young mom has found love again. Not long after giving birth, Hailey Tilford told fans that she has a new boyfriend. She and Cole Smith did previously date. However, they went their separate ways. And now they are giving their relationship another shot. Hailey said that Cole has been the best father for her son. And the two even plan on having children together in the future.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford - Cole Smith

Hailey #2 Gets New Apartment with Cole Smith

Hailey Tilford’s relationship with Cole Smith seems to still be going strong. She had previously told fans that she and Cole plan on moving in with each other. However, she wasn’t able to afford a bigger place. So, the Unexpected cast member asked fans to donate money. But, Hailey then got a good-paying job. And told donors that she didn’t need the money anymore. And that she would be giving the money to a charity.

Unexpected’s Hailey Tilford recently told fans that she and Cole Smith got a new apartment together. And the couple will be moving in soon. Hailey said that she and Cole don’t have much time to move out of the place they are currently living in. But, the two seem excited to be starting the next chapter in their relationship together. Living under the same roof.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford - Cole Smith

TLC’s Unexpected Celeb Asks for Gifts

Hailey Tilford and Cole Smith are now trying to decorate their new apartment. And they are seeking help from Unexpected fans. Hailey said that she and Cole have a house warming gift registry. She gave fans the link where they can purchase items for their new home. The list includes household items such as kitchen utensils, cookware, patio furniture and decorations.

The Unexpected reality star supposedly won’t be on the new season of the TLC show. Hailey Tilford told fans that she will no longer be on the show. And that she doesn’t need a paycheck from the network. Since she is doing fine raising her son on her own. And with help from Cole Smith. However, her baby daddy will allegedly be on the new season with his other baby mama, Hailey Tomlinson. Although, the official cast has yet to be confirmed.

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