‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Washes Away Matthew Blevins with New Tattoo

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford (Hailey #2 to fans) recently washed away her past with Matthew Blevins with a new tattoo. She and her ex baby daddy are not on speaking terms. However, Hailey has been able to find love again. Even though she has found happiness, something was holding her back—a tattoo of an ex.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford and Matthew Blevins Break up

TLC Unexpected viewers first met Hailey Tilford (#2) as Hailey Tomlinson’s (#1) best friend. However, their friendship took a turn for the worse when TLC’s Hailey #2 started dating her best friend’s baby daddy, Matthew Blevins. Not long after they started dating, Hailey #2 and Matthew found out that they were expecting. The news was shocking since neither of them was ready for it. However, the Unexpected castmates were excited to be welcoming a little one. But, that feeling didn’t last long.

Shortly after, the Unexpected duo ended their relationship. Hailey Tilford’s breakup with Matthew was messy. Cheating allegations were being thrown around, leading Matthew to deny being the father to their unborn son. Hailey thought that she was going to be a single mom, but a high school fling came back into her life at the right moment.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford - Matthew Blevins

Hailey #2 Moves on with New Boyfriend Cole Smith

Earlier this year, Hailey Tilford shared that she had a new lover, Cole Smith. The Unexpected cast member was happy to have someone like Cole in her life. Cole has been there to help raise her son, Levi. He has even stepped up to be a father figure for her son. He treats Levi as if he was his biological child. Hailey seems to be in a better place now that she has Cole. She has said that he saved her.

The Unexpected young mom recently took a big step in her relationship with Cole Smith. Hailey Tilford and Cole moved in together. Their relationship seems to be getting serious. She told fans that she and Cole do plan on having a child together soon. Marriage might also be in the talks between the two. Not long ago, Hailey was trying on wedding dresses. So, there could be a proposal shortly.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Unexpected Celeb Covers up Old Relationship Tattoo with new Ink

Hailey Tilford seemed to have thought that she and Matthew were going to be together forever since she got his name tattooed on her. However, now that the two are no longer together, she is regretting that decision. But, it seems like she is ready to leave her relationship with Matthew in the past.

Before the Unexpected reality star can move on with Cole Smith, there is something she needs to say goodbye to. Hailey Tilford covered up her tattoo of Matthew Blevins’ name. She said, “just like that, you’re gone.” She was “so glad to have that toxic name” off of her and said she learned her lesson. She covered up the name with a purple feather and three birds. She will be thinking twice the next time she tattoos someone’s name on her.

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