‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Calls Haters Murderers

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford is accusing her haters of being murderers, calling them out on their bullying tactics. Even though she’s trying to raise awareness about cyberbullying, the way that she’s going about doing so is leaving fans scratching their heads.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford’s Unfavorable History with Fans

Unexpected personality Hailey Tilford isn’t always supported by the people who call themselves “fans” of hers. At the end of her season on the TLC hit show, she announced that she is pregnant with Matthew Blevins’ second child. This came after Hailey Tomlinson suffered through her pregnancy with Mattew Blevins’ first child.

However, there are several individuals who think that Hailey #2 planned to get pregnant by Mattew. This is because Hailey #2 talks about how she used Pre-Seed. Also, she did this while chatting with her Unexpected supporters about pregnancy tips.

After admitting to using the Pre-Seed, the Unexpected viewers ask questions. One question is if she’s backing the product. Then, Hailey Tilford quickly defends herself. Next, she’s saying she hasn’t ever used the product. But, that there’s someone else in her family that used it.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Unexpected Enthusiasts Accuse Celeb of Cheating

Unexpected advocates believe she’s lying about using a tool to “baby trap” Matthew. They also think she isn’t telling the truth about other parts of her life. Specifically, why her last relationship ended. Hailey Tilford’s tries to explain she isn’t interested in chatting. Also, she’s not looking to open about her relationship.

However, Unexpected viewers consider the cause of the end of the relationship. This is because she cheated on her ex. As more time’s going on, viewers start to believe the “truth” that Hailey’s telling less and less.

This is causing an increase in people leaving hate comments for Hailey. They’re flooding her messages with comments. Mainly, blaming her for being a liar. Also, Hailey’s “haters” often leave nasty comments on pictures she posts on her social media accounts.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Hailey Tilford Makes Murder Accusation

Unexpected celebrity Hailey Tilford isn’t holding back in moving forward with her life. Also, she’s not keeping quiet about the people being nasty to her online. Recently, she’s asked people if they’re murderers.

This goes in-line with Hailey trying to increase awareness around cyber bullying. She accuses bullies of causing depression. And she says that can “cause suicide.” And she tries asking people she’s talking to if they’re a killer.

Now, she’s going dark online. The recent increase in comments is part of the reason why she’s taking a break. Also, she’s telling off the people who leave mean remarks. Hailey Tilford says not only to leave her alone but to get a life too.

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