‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Accused of Planning Pregnancy with Matthew

Unexpected‘s Hailey Tilford left the public spotlight—for all of two minutes. She had to come back to defend herself against accusations that she and Matthew Blevins purposefully had their baby, Levi Blevins.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Used Pre-Seed Fans Say

Hailey Tilford said that her pregnancy with Matthew Blevins was an accident. She seemed very upset about it and acted like she didn’t want it to happen. But Unexpected viewers say they have reason to believe otherwise.

An Unexpected fan thanked Hailey for letting her know about a pre-seed product. The lady asking wanted to be able to get pregnant, and she said that this really helped. Viewers took this as meaning that she tried to get intentionally pregnant with Levi.

Pre-seed is supposed to help you get pregnant fast. And fans said they think Hailey used it since she recommended it. Haily Tilford said she never used it but that someone in her family did. But fans don’t quite believe what Hailey says these days.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Hailey Lies and Doesn’t Care?

According to fans, Hailey Tilford of Unexpected lies and didn’t care. In fact, they said she lied about cheating on Cole Smith. According to Cole, she dated the new guy before he even left.

Fans of Unexpected gave Hailey a lot of grief, and she was pretty upset. Then, she said she wouldn’t share any of her life with people again. But she came back soon to defend and explain herself and to say she really didn’t mean she’d be in the shadows all the way.

Now, she explained she just doesn’t want to show off her son. Unexpected viewers said it’s difficult to keep up with TLC’s Hailey Tilford and what she wants. And others said it is even harder for her to keep track of her lies and backstabbing.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Unexpected: Welcoming Haters to Do Their Worst

Viewers pointed out that Hailey Tilford’s new man was Matthew’s sister Katie’s uncle. And a lot of people joked and said Hailey from Unexpected doesn’t know how to meet new people. Hailey Tilford said, “Keep the hate coming.”

Unexpected mom Hailey also said that she didn’t care what Lilly Bennett or Lilah Ferrer say about her. In fact, she said they are irrelevant to her due to their reaction to accusations of her. It seems like she is one of the few moms that didn’t stay friends with other girls on the show.

Most moms on the reality show are friends with Hailey Tomlinson. And that would make it hard for them to also be friends with Levi’s mom after what she did to her friend. Whatever the case, it doesn’t look like she’s letting any of it get to her, according to her own comments.

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