‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Everett’s Mom Threatens Pedro with a Taser – Goes ‘Mucha Loca’

The Family Chantel got off to an explosive start with Chantel Everett‘s mom Karen Everett threatening Pedro Jimeno with a taser. Chantel Everett dished all the dirty details about everything that went down during her trip to the Dominican Republic. The Family Chantel didn’t waste a moment. It was all hands on deck to confront Pedro and things escalated quickly. Did Karen Everett go too far?

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett Dishes on Pedro Jimeno

The spinoff picks up with Chantel Everett and hubby Pedro Jimeno back in America. Things ended on a sour note between Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s relatives. The feuding between the families is at an all-time high. It’s possible Chantel sitting down with Pedro Jimeno’s kin only made things worse for the couple.

Chantel Everett drops a lot of bombshells on her family when she comes home. She tells them all about Pedro Jimeno dancing with other women. In addition, she reveals what Obed said while she was in the foreign country. Obed alleged Pedro Jimeno’s family set the Georgia woman up. If true, it seems they wanted the Dominican man to end up with an American woman so he could come to the United States and help them start a business back home.

The Family Chantel: Karen Everett Threatens Pedro with Violence

The Family Chantel make the trek across town to confront Pedro Jimeno at his apartment. He is completely taken aback as the entire family gear up for a confrontation with the foreign man. Taking things one step further, Karen Everett brings a taser and threatens Pedro Jimeno with violence for the wrongs he committed back in the DR.

The last time The Family Chantel were in the same room with Pedro Jimeno, things got physical between him and her younger brother River. It seems Mama Chantel came prepared this time around. But, did she take things too far?

Many TLC fans believe she lost her marbles after seeing the way she went in on Pedro. She refused to leave and seemed ready to stir up even more drama by getting in Pedro’s face. Even when they were separated and the taser was out of her hands, she continued with the verbal jabs.

What to Expect This Season

Spoilers reveal tense moments coming up on this TLC spinoff. Everyone involved agrees to go to counseling to try and patch up strained relationships. But, Pedro has a secret of his own his wife doesn’t know about. Pedro Jimeno plans to have his mother and sister stay with them in their home.

Meanwhile, Pedro only agrees to the counseling because he believes it will soften things when he reveals his secret to Chantel Everett. He admitted in the premiere episode that he needs her on his side. And, he only agrees to participate to gain her favor when everything hits the fan later on.

Moreover, things escalated between the couple on the recent Tell All as well. Pedro Jimeno stormed off when Chantel Everett’s parents came on during the broadcast. It’s clear things are still not in a good place.

In addition, the divorce chatter is making the rounds online once more following the first half of the Tell All. Is this all building toward a divorce? Catch the next episode of The Family Chantel Monday night on TLC to see how it all unfolds.

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