‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro’s Mom and Sister Moving In – Too Much Drama for ’90 Day Fiance’?

The Family Chantel gives Chantel Everett and her husband Pedro Jimeno their own stage to display more of the shocking drama they bring to 90 Day Fiance. Today the TLC fans wind down from the 90 Day Tell All episode on Sunday night. But this new show waits in the wings ready to rev you up again.

The Family Chantel offers more clashing of big personalities. So, get ready for this show tonight as they let loose. Chantel, Pedro, and the families unplug, even more than than you’ve ever seen them before. From what the preview indicates, it looks like anger and fury drive this new reality show.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno in Attack Mode

Apparently, Chantel and Pedro’s bickering isn’t enough drama for TLC. So for The Family Chantel, they throw both the Everett and Jimeno families together. Karen Everett and Thomas Everett (Chantel’s parents) join their daughter. Not just at home but in the Dominican Republic. They descend upon the Jimeno family in a group this time.

The parents come with Chantel’s brother River Everett and sister Winter Everett in tow as well. It looks like Pedro Jimeno turns into a very irritated husband as the families clash. This happens as soon as soon as they see each other.

Fans of 90 Day Fiance have a lot to say about Pedro’s wife after her behavior on the Tell All last night. She did what some say she’s most noted for. That’s to speak over anyone she disagrees with, suggest the viewers online.

Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno - Chantel Everett

Misery Does Love Company

Since the preview for The Family Chantel aired during the Tell All, it’s obvious the events that happen on this new show already occurred. The attitude between this wife and her husband as they watched themselves in the preview appeared grim.

So, perhaps a show of their own did not bring them any closer together. The chatter online seems speculates on the fate of their marriage down the line. While Chantel Everett seems to have enough of her own problems, The Family Chantel preview looks like she takes on more. At one point in the preview, she’s seen grilling her sister Winter’s boyfriend.

It sounds like Chantel’s working under the motto “misery loves company” because the promo clip shows her reduced her sister to tears. That’s after she interferes with Winter and her boyfriend. This guy dated Winter for the last five years and also has some baggage which Chantel Everette and her family uncover.

The Family Chantel: Pedro’s Mom and Sister –  Roommates for Chantel?

Then Pedro’s family, mainly his mom Lidia Morel and his sister, Nicole Morel Jimeno, have their say. The Family Chantel promo shows Lidia getting in Karen’s face. But the biggest problem faced by the young spouses is Pedro wanting his mom and sister to come and live in the US – with him.

Chantel Everett doesn’t mince words when her husband springs this on her. She asks loudly and bluntly – “Why in the hell would I let them come here and live with me?”

Chantel and Nicole’s girlfriend, Coraima (the one known for grinding on Pedro) brawl and throw drinks at each other. Well, that spices up the night. That’s after Pedro’s American wife suggests the girl makes money on the street corner.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pleasant word towards anyone on this show or coming out of the mouth of anyone on this show. That’s if the previews are any indication. What goes on between these two families is high drama to be certain.

Tune into The Family Chantel Monday nights at 10 pm on TLC. This new show follows 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

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