‘The Family Chantel’: Pedro’s Bonding Trip with Chantel’s Dad Thomas Disturbs Him

The Family Chantel is up and running with Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno navigating issues with her family, but soon his family comes along. Adding a few more spicy ingredients into this mix can only conjure up more drama. But drama is what TLC was going for when creating The Family Chantel for its Monday night lineup.

The Family Chantel: Chantel’s Father, Thomas Everett, Wants Bonding Time with Pedro Jimeno

It looks like The Family Chantel kinfolk are going to great lengths to get along with Pedro Jimeno. They’ve all joined a counseling session where Thomas Everett likes some of what Pedro has to say. Pedro explains that growing up without a father or even a brother was tough.

When he first entered The Family Chantel, he looked at Chantel’s dad, Thomas, like that father he never had. He also wanted Chantel’s brother to be like his own brother.

Apparently, Thomas took that as a compliment coming from Pedro Jimeno. But as much as he liked what he said about looking for a father-like bond, Thomas didn’t like his son-in-law’s other plans. When Thomas heard that Pedro planned to move both his mother and sister to the states, red flags went up.

Karen Everett Squashes That to Bits

But Thomas Everett did seem to like Pedro’s wish that he could be like his father. He said he wanted to let his son-in-law know that The Family Chantel or the Everett brood is a good setting for Pedro when wanting to belong to a family. But Thomas didn’t take Pedro Jimeno’s plan of bringing his mom and sister to America as a good thing.

Then Thomas proposes a “guys trip” with Pedro Jimeno. He suggests getting away from the girls and attempts some bonding time. It looks as if Thomas is willing to give it a try with his son-in-law. They will end up going but Pedro is not at all into this from the beginning.

Thomas’ good-hearted suggestion was later squashed to bits by Chantel’s mom, Karen Everett. She looks into The Family Chantel camera and says her spiel. Although it sounds a bit rehearsed, as though she might be reading it from a teleprompter.

She doesn’t sugar coat a thing for her husband. She lays it all out for him. “Thomas I don’t think a guys trip is going to help you out.” What The Family Chantel matriarch sees in Pedro is a young man using their daughter. She also suggests Pedro Jimeno lies and she mentions this several times while stepping all over Thomas’ well-meaning plan.

Pedro Looks About as Enthused as Someone About to Get a Tooth Pulled

As far as Karen is concerned she tells Thomas that Pedro can’t be trusted. The Family Chantel mom says people that lie are liers and they keep on lying. Nope, no wiggle room in this The Family Chantel conversation. Oddly enough it looked like Pedro Jimeno might share in Karens’ annoyance when it comes to Thomas thinking this can be fixed with a trip.

While Thomas Everett laid it all out for Pedro about this guys trip, he rolled his eyes. He didn’t appear to have an inkling of enthusiasm for patriarch’s plan.

Be sure to tune in to TLC on Monday nights to watch The Family Chantel.

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