‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Jeremy Collins Will Continue Using Others as ‘Meat Shields’

Survivor: Winners at War has Jeremy Collins back for a third time playing the game.  Despite a rather weak first season for the Massachusetts firefighter on San Juan del Sur, Jeremy redeemed himself in Cambodia, where he dominated. Since his debut in the franchise, Jeremy and his wife are happily married and have added to their family. Now, Jeremy is returning for the biggest season in Survivor history. Will he be able to build on the successful strategy competing on Winners at War that earned him the title Sole Survivor?

Survivor: Jeremy Collins Falls Short – Then Comes Back to Win

Jeremy Collins and his wife Val Collins were a part of the Blood vs Water twist for season 29Where family members were divided into opposite tribes and forced to compete against each other. While Val was the second castaway eliminated, Jeremy made it up until Day 24 due to his physical prowess. Then, his own alliance sent him packing in a major Survivor blindside.

So, when Jeremy Collins was one of the 20 castaways chosen by fans to compete on Survivor: Cambodia, he knew he had to switch things up. The Cambridge firefighter became part of the Bayon tribe and the group won almost every immunity challenge. Instead of leading the alliance, Jeremy started using a strategy he called “meat shields”. He hid behind bigger threats in the majority alliance, which got him far in the game.

After making it to the Final 4, Jeremy won the Final Immunity Challenge and remained loyal to his alliance. So, he voted out Kelley Wentworth and took Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox to Final Tribal Council. The vote was unanimous and Jeremy became the Sole Survivor.

The San Juan del Sur Winner and Wife Val Grow Their Family

Before Jeremy and Val Collins made their Survivor debut, the two already had two daughters together. Their oldest Jordyn was born in 2012, while their second daughter Camryn was born in 2006.

Foxborough Police Officer Val announced her third pregnancy via Twitter in July 2015 and the couple’s first son, Remy, arrived in December that year. Only two years later, they were welcoming their fourth child, a boy they named Lenyx. According to Jeremy, his family is his number one priority. He says Survivor is one of the only things they all watch together.

Survivor: What’s Jeremy Collins’ Plans For ‘Winners at War?’

Much like his winning season, Jeremy Collins is planning to use his “meat shield” concept once again. Hey says his stratagie for this season is to keep using “meat shields”, but he wants to add “Mind Shields” as well as “Social Shields” to give himself a larger pool of people that he can align with. So, it seems like Jeremy will have to have a really good social game. If anything, he’s going to enjoy “this last go-round”. Will his plan be what it takes to make it all the way to the end?

Winners at War premieres on February 12 at 8 pm on CBS.

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