‘Survivor’: Tony Vlachos’ Crazy Run In With Shark on ‘Winners at War’

Survivor: Winners at War contestant Tony Vlachos has a close call with a shark in the upcoming episode. The Jersey City police officer is becoming a favorite to watch because of his silly antics. He’s already built a ladder that fell apart while he was climbing it. Now Tony’s fighting with sharks and narrowly avoiding getting bit and you’ll want to see it. Keep scrolling for the video.

Survivor: Winners at War – Tony Vlachos’ Antics

Back when he was competing on Survivor: Cagayan Tony Vlachos played incredibly hard and was always on the move. When he wasn’t out hunting for idols or building “spy shacks,” he would be dominating challenges. Tony tried doing the same on Game Changers before getting voted out.

Survivor: Tony Vlachos - Survivor40 - Winners at War

But Tony Vlachos is switching up his strategy for Winners at War. The stakes are so much higher and the competition is that much stiffer. Instead of running off, he’s sticking with the group and helping around camp. In fact, Tony designed a ladder in the last Survivor episode that helped them get some fruit. Although it was a death trap that was falling apart as he was climbing it, it might have earned him points with the tribe.

Sandra Diaz-Twine Catches Shark

It’s hard living off of boiled rice and whatever else that can hunt and gather off the island for the 39 days playing Survivor. And in a sneak peek for the next episode “Out For Blood” Sandra Diaz-Twine manages to catch the Dakal tribe a shark. “I got us a shark,” the two-time winner says to the cameras.

According to Sandra, “no one is at my level yet,” on Survivor: Winners at War. The self-proclaimed “queen” is taking credit for the tribe’s “shark steak breakfast”.

Survivor Season 40: Shark Nearly Bites Tony Vlachos

It’s Tony Vlachos who goes to remove the shark from the net it’s trapped in. But he doesn’t expect the fish to put up a big fight and freaks out when it starts thrashing in his grip. Sandra, Yul Kwon, and Nick Wilson laugh as he runs screaming up the beach still holding the shark. “It wants to bite me,” he says.

On the next Survivor, Yul will reveal that, “Tony is scared of sharks. So, the idea that the shark was going to bite him was freaking him out”. “He almost bit me, he almost took my arm off,” Tony says to the rest of the group who’s still laughing at him.

See the entire thing play out when Winners at War airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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