‘Survivor’ Secret Scene: Amber’s Reaction to Husband Boston Rob’s Elimination

Survivor: Winners at War‘s Boston Rob Mariano got the boot two weeks ago, but they didn’t show Amber Brkich Mariano‘s reaction to her husband arriving on Edge of Extinction. Yet, CBS released a secret scene that reveals the banished castaways seeing Boston Rob for the first time. And although it was a sad reunion for him and Amber, they aren’t giving up on the two-million dollars just yet.

Survivor: Winners at War – Boston Rob Mariano & Amber Brkich Aren’t Finished

In a secret scene from the end of the episode “The Buddy System on Steroids,” we get to see Rob Mariano arrive at Extinction Island. Boston Rob reveals that he was “optimistic going into tribal” but he’s got a “pretty big” Survivor reputation”. And that ended up being his downfall on Winners at War.

He admits that the “best thing to do it to get me out early”. Plus, he’s not giving up on winning it all. “Just because I’m on the Edge of Extinction, doesn’t mean I’m not winning this game,” the Survivor legend claims. “I’m just taking a little vacation to see my friends and my wife,” Boston Rob says in the confessional. “I’ll be back”.

Extinction Island Residents Shocked at Boston Rob’s Boot

There’s a chorus of “no’s” when Boston Rob announces his arrival at the Survivor Edge of Extinction. Although no one wants to see him more than his wife Amber Mariano, it isn’t under these circumstances. She’s the first one he greets with a kiss and a bear-hug. “I did not want to see you,” Amber says to Boston Rob. But points out the smile on her face during her Survivor confessional, “I’m very happy to see him, which is not what I should feel”.

Next, Boston Rob retells how he ended up on Edge of Extinction. Almost everyone agrees that Adam Klein is the player to watch right now. But they also think Parvati Shallow has a “rough road ahead of her,” yet they don’t know that she will be joining them next.

Survivor: It Looks Fun on Edge of Extinction

Although it’s deserted and depressing, Survivor: Winners at War‘s Extinction Island has a fun group of castaways calling it home. There’s a much less cut-throat vibe from the former champions that allows for some funny moments. Boston Rob teases them about having a partner in the game while they don’t. But Natalie Anderson tells Boston Rob that Amber Mariano was her “wife” before he showed up.

They all say Ethan is much funnier than his last time playing. Despite the light atmosphere, Rob vows to return to the game and says Amber will also make it to the “final two”. Can they pull another stunt like they did on Survivor All-Stars?

Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on CBS.

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