‘Sister Wives’: What Kody Brown Didn’t Reveal About the Show

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown didn’t open the door that eventually led to the TLC reality series for his family, as viewers surmised. Instead, it happened to one of his wives. The Sister Wives patriarch often made it sound as if he alone paved the way by bringing the suggestion to the family. But despite fans assuming the reality show was all Kody Brown’s doing, he did have some help.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown not Kody Brown?

It seems Kody Brown wasn’t the Sister Wives adult initially approached with this offer of a road to reality fame. It was Christine Brown, who, at the time held a job as a spokesperson for Principle Voices. She said, “I became a spokesperson for our faith and I loved it.”

From the way the Sister Wives mom and wife describes this, she was a local media celebrity. Christine talked about polygamy both on the news and at colleges. Kody’s third wife also describes her job back then as spending two years educating people on polygamy.

Because she was so open about her family, she was approached several times about doing a documentary with her family. One day she happened to mention how documentary makers showed interest in their family to Kody Brown. The Sister Wives’ husband asked Christine to tell him about this if it happens again.

As fate would have it, shortly after Kody Brown’s request to Christine, she was contacted again. This time a man named Tim Gibbons contacted her through Principle Voices. He was looking to do a reality show about a polygamous family. So Christine came home and told Kody and the leader of the Sister Wives family met with this man.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Open the Curtain for Big Reveal

Christine believed that Kody saw how Tim seemed to understand the Sister Wives’ spouses and their mission. Their mission included educating the viewers on just how normal they are as a family.

Kody contemplated doing the reality show with Tim at the helm because of what Tim envisioned. Apparently, Kody, as well as Christine felt this man understood how the family wanted to be portrayed.

He understood that people ridiculed polygamy and also that it got a bad rap. Along with Tim’s vision, he made promises about keeping their comfort at a decent level despite cameras around.

He also vowed to respect their privacy by not airing anything they didn’t want the public to see. From what Christine says in a book, the adults from Sister Wives penned years ago, Tim kept those promises.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family


Sister Wives: Problems and More Problems

After Kody Brown became sold on the idea, the debate within the family started. Everyone did not welcome the idea of cameras following them around but eventually, it was a go.

So, the cameras came to follow the Kody Brown brood. That was back in 2010 and the Sister Wives camera crew is still around the Browns in 2020.

Before the show made it to the screen, the Sister Wives parents told their kids to let their friends know about their polygamous tribe. This way it would lessen the shock about the family’s polygamous lifestyle.

While the kids had a few close friends who already knew, Kody’s children were pleasantly surprised when they told the ones who had no idea. That’s all except for one of the older kids.

It seems one of Maddie Brown’s friends mortified her with the questions she started asking. Once this friend found out Maddie’s polygamous background she asked her if this means her father molests her. She also asked if this means she needs to marry an uncle.

The friend of this Sister Wives‘ daughter also wanted to know if Maddie could wear the color red. Apparently this girl thought it was taboo. Maddie came home from school just horrified, according to Christine.

‘sSister Wives: Kody Brown Hair

Deck the Halls and the Kids

Just think about it for a second. You know that a camera crew is coming and they not only expect to film you and your kids but inside your home as well. How does one get ready for this event?

It sounds like Kody’s wives scrambled. As far as the way Christine explains it, she needed to do some redecorating in her house. Then she had to worry about what she’d look like on camera. It wasn’t easy getting things in order for Kody Brown’s wives.

It also wasn’t easy to look comfortable while a camera crew documented every aspect of Kody Brown’s life. Especially the interaction between him and his wives. Getting used to the camera was not an easy feat for anyone in the Sister Wives clan.

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