‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Gives Janelle a Gift Even Her Mother Poo-Poos

Sister Wives star Kody Brown made a lot of mistakes on-screen but one misdeed not only involved Janelle Brown but her mother too. The Sister Wives patriarch did some rather odd things during the 14 seasons to roll out so far. But one incident from years back demonstrates how Kody Brown managed to muck up a perfectly good gift-giving event.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Picks Inappropriate Gift For Janelle Brown?

One episode, in particular, left the Sister Wives viewers asking themselves what was the husband of four thinking. While all four co-wives mentioned how jealousy surfaces periodically, they like to think they’ve learned how to deal with it.

But that’s not always the case especially when it looks like Kody Brown shows favoritism to one of his Sister Wives ladies. Fans of the TLC series probably remember the time Kody took all four of his mothers-in-law shopping.

The mission was to buy Mother’s Day gifts for each of Kody’s four wives. This shared husband from the Sister Wives most likely did this mothers-in-law segment for the sake of the cameras. But everyone seemed to play along.

The fans saw this as an uncomfortable shopping trip, as did Kody. He complained about what he got himself into. His four mothers-in-law, along with his own mom appear in the screenshot below from that day of shopping.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown's Mothers-In -Law

Mothers-In-Law Galore

Meet Kody’s wives’ moms. Starting from the left above, first, there’s Robyn’s mom Alice. Then Kody’s mom Genielle Brown stands next to her. Janelle Brown’s mother, Sheryl Usher is next, she wears the off-white shirt. Sister Wives fans probably recognize Meri Brown’s mom, Bonnie Ahlstrom Barber, who is next in this line above. Bonnie wears a green shirt.

Bonnie runs Lizzie’s Heritage Inn for Meri. She’s not only appeared on Sister Wives, but also in Meri’s online photos. Christine Brown’s mom is the woman in the red and white striped shirt. Her name is Ruthann LeBaron Allred but everyone calls her Annie.

Kody picked out the gifts for his wives under the watchful eyes of their mothers. But things didn’t go as planned. The Sister Wives enthusiasts back in 2014 called Kody out for the better quality gift that he purchased for Robyn Brown. This added more fuel to the fire that Robyn Brown is Kody Brown’s favorite wife.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Receives Controversial Gift From Kody

Sister Wives’ followers pointed out the rather inexpensive gifts that Kody picked out for all his wives. That is except for Robyn Brown. The other three wives received wooden signs with a different message he picked out for each wife.

But it was the wooden sign that Kody purchased for Janelle that stirred fans, along with Janelle Brown’s mom. Janelle’s wooden sign said, “I Kiss Better Then I Cook”. Yes, it said “Then” instead of “Than” but that wasn’t the problem.

Maybe that sign would work for a monogamous wife. But in a plural marriage it just doesn’t fit, suggests Janelle’s mom Sheryl. Kody’s wives cannot walk into a co-wives bedroom without feeling uncomfortable. That’s because it’s a reminder that their husband is intimate with other women.

Now the sign that suggests Janelle Brown is a good kisser, does pretty much the same thing as the bedroom. It’s a reminder that the Sister Wives husband is kissing other women, despite the fact they are his wives he’s kissing.

So, the consensus of the day – that sign wasn’t a good idea. The Sister Wives women don’t need a reminder that Kody is smacking lips with the other women in this plural marriage.

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