‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Furious – Splattered with Raw Sewage [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown was fuming several years back when his day turned, for lack of a better term, really crappy without any warning. At the same time, Robyn Brown appeared oblivious to Kody’s dilemma. Who, in her own words, turned into a “monster” over the weather.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Monster Wife and Raw Sewage

Veteran fans of the Sister Wives series probably remember the RV trip the Browns took as a family. They left their desert home in Vegas going to a colder climate but no one expected frigid temperatures and snow. Meri Brown wore summer sandals as the snow flew.

When that Sister Wives RV stopped and the family shuffled outside, complaints of the cold started. Robyn probably made the biggest fuss over the snow flying. She was not a happy camper when exiting that RV.

Later on the Sister Wives couch, she described herself as a monster, created from the snow blowing in her face. If anyone had a gripe during this stop, you’d probably agree it’s Kody after what happened next.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

His Sewage Container Runneth Over

Robyn Brown may have felt irritated with snow blowing on her face, but most would agree Kody got it much worse. He apparently didn’t check to see if the valves were in the right position before connecting the sewage tank hoses up. Just as he started the steps to empty the contents of the RV’s sewage storage tank, it came gushing out.

This leaves Kody splattered with the sewage from that tank. Along with spilling it all over the pavement of their parking spot. This clip is from the episodes of Sister Wives that aired in 2012. It was still in the early days of the TLC reality series.

Back then the man with four wives still tried to change the mind of those against polygamy. Fans were still not very welcoming to the Sister Wives papa. Some thought this guy with three wives fed his “mid-life crisis” by marrying a fourth wife.

Sister Wives: Fans Suggest It Couldn’t Happen To a Nicer Guy

It was still early enough in this series where fans still needed to get to know more about Kody Brown. He was still battling the stigma of a polygamous husband despite the happy home life seen on the screen.

First of all he blamed everyone but himself. He first accused the older boys. When his sons swore they didn’t leave the valves open, he then decided it was a sick joke someone played on him.

So you can imagine the comments back then when raw sewage spilled and splashed on Kody. He didn’t get a lot of sympathy over this. Surprisingly enough, even his Sister Wives ladies seemed to find it comical after the fact.

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