‘Sister Wives’: Christine Paints Herself in Tragic Story – Spouses Don’t Buy It

Sister Wives star Christine Brown painted a tragic portrait of herself in the last few episodes, almost creating a victim status around her. But when it came time for Kody Brown to address it, he turned it back on her.

Even Meri Brown appeared a bit flippant in her critique of Christine’s thoughts. As she talked in front of the cameras during Sunday’s Sister Wives episode from TLC.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Pours It On Thick

Christine Brown described a very unhappy life from the beginning of this plural marriage. She also seemed to contradict herself in a few areas when spilling the beans. Particularly when she condemned living in one big dwelling. She couldn’t stand to cohabitate again with the ladies that make up this Sister Wives series from TLC.

Over the last decade, Christine was often asked by fans or a member of the press about the Sister Wives living arrangement. It seems she had a go-to story to tell. Christine Brown, who was brought up in a polygamous family, recalled the elder women in their community.

She said after the man died, she found it comforting in a plural marriage. That’s because you have sister wives. She loved the idea that she didn’t have to worry about someday being alone. That’s never the case with the other brides of her husband around.

But Sunday night she made it very clear the opposite seems true. She doesn’t want to be around the other ladies Kody Brown calls his brides.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

After Digging Out of the Basement – She’ll Never Go Back Again

Christine didn’t sugarcoat a thing. She offered even the ugliest details of how she sees her life within the Sister Wives family up to the present day. She talked about the “Queen Bee.” This is the one female out of all the spouses within the plural marriage who calls the shots.

It sounded as if she tagged Meri Brown with that title without saying the words. She also felt very deeply about what she lost from living in a house altogether with the other Sister Wives ladies. She was the only one of the women who resided in the basement and she hated it.

This was back before Robyn Brown joined the Sister Wives clan. So Christine was the last bride to join this plural marriage at the time. Apparently, it went by seniority so, she got the basement.

One of her biggest complaints was that Kody wouldn’t shower in her section of the house. This made her feel as if he never felt like her place was her home. This was no little thing to her, she had tears in her eyes as she told her story. Christine Brown also believed that she was hated by Kody’s other brides.

All this happened while residing under one roof back when Christine Brown was the last of three women to join this Sister Wives plural marriage. The mom of six explained this to Robyn, who came unannounced for a visit to Christine’s house on Sunday’s show.

While it appeared Christine Brown was surprised to see her Sister Wives’ spouse, the camera people weren’t. They had it all set up so they didn’t miss a thing from the time Robyn came through the door until she left.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Calls This “Twisted”?

While Christine’s spew was supposedly about not wanting to go back to one-dwelling-living, Kody believed it stemmed from something else. He claims it’s not about one house. Kody also said he showered at Christine’s home at the time. He claims it’s about Christine twisting things to make it look negative.

Meri addressed what Christine said. The original Sister Wives matriarch claims she hates the term “Queen Bee” because it has a negative connotation. She also addressed Christine’s woes about Kody’s lack of showering in her section.

Meri seemed to pass it off as ridiculous, saying she couldn’t care less where Kody bathes. Meri also said she had nothing to do with this. She claims that she never asked him to please wash up at her place. Or tell him not to clean up at Christine’s space in that home.

Ironically, Christine Brown loves the Sister Wives lifestyle so she’ll never be alone. She finds comfort in always knowing that she’ll have all of Kody’s women with her when Kody is no longer on this earth. Yet she can’t stand to reside in the same dwelling with them.

It also sounds as if the number three Sister Wives spouse hangs a lot of happiness on her husband’s bathing habits. But it’s not because he’s squeaky clean as the end result. No, it’s the location of that bathing that counts.

The somewhat tragic picture Christine Brown attempted to paint of herself on Sunday’s episode of this TLC show doesn’t seem to bring tears from the audience. But at least Robyn proved herself as a good listener.

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