‘Return to Amish’: Where Is Abe Schmucker Now?

Return to Amish star Abe Schmucker has been keeping a low profile since he left the TLC show a few years back. However, he has been keeping busy. But, where is Abe now?

Return to Amish: Abe Schmucker Leaves Reality Television Show

Back in 2012, Abe Schmucker made his reality television debut on TLC’s Breaking Amish. He left his tight-knit community behind for a new start in the outside world. It was hard for him to leave everything he knew behind. However, Abe did meet his now-wife, Rebecca Schmucker, while on the show. The two quickly bonded over their similar upbringings. Abe and Rebecca then appeared on the spin-off Return To Amish.

After four seasons of Return to Amish, Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Schmucker decided that they no longer wanted to be a part of the reality television series. They wanted to live a quieter life out of the limelight. According to Rebecca, she and Abe wanted to move on and do things that make them “happy” and bring them closer to where they want to be. However, she did say that they are living their “best life.”

Return to Amish: Abe Schmucker - Rebecca Schmucker

Abe Still a Family Man

Abe Schmucker has always been very close to his family. Leaving the Amish community was a tough decision to make. He risked never being able to see them again. However, the Return to Amish‘s mom, Mama Mary Schmucker, ended up joining her son in the English world shortly after. His brother, Andrew Schmucker, also left their strict life behind. Yet, Mary did eventually go back to her Amish life. But, she and Abe still see each other even though he is living English.

The Return to Amish reality star’s marriage to Rebecca Schmucker wasn’t always perfect. Abe Schmucker and Rebecca have gone through many ups and downs. However, they were able to mend their relationship. Abe and Rebecca are still together and raising their two daughters, Malika and Kayla. They have been enjoying their time living in Pennsylvania.

Return to Amish: Abe Schmucker

Return to Amish Celeb Works on the Road

As a family man, Abe Schmucker knew that he had to make an income to support his family. While on the show, his wife, Rebecca Schmucker, wanted to get a job to gain a sense of freedom. But, Abe felt that it was the woman’s job to take care of the household and that it’s the man’s responsibility to provide for his spouse and kids. So, he took a job as a truck driver. However, that caused friction in his marriage since he was always away working.

The Return to Amish TLC star may love being around his loved ones, but his job does keep him away from home. Abe Schmucker still seems to be working on the road as a truck driver. So, Rebecca Schmucker has been taking care of the kids. Yet, she does have her mother-in-law Mary Schmucker nearby to help her when she needs it.

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