‘Return to Amish’: Where Is Mama Mary Schmucker Now?

Return to Amish star Mama Mary Schmucker has been out of the limelight for a few years. Fans were hoping to see her in the new season. But, it seems like Mary won’t be returning. So, where is she now?

Return to Amish: Mary Schmucker Living Amish Lifestyle

Mary Schmucker quickly became a fan-favorite for her outgoing personality and willingness to try anything attitude. The Return to Amish cast member had left her tight-knit community to experience life in the English world. She had followed her son, Abe Schmucker, who had ditched their community before her departure. Mama Mary enjoyed her time being a rebel – according to Amish views. But, the good times didn’t last long for her.

The Return to Amish reality star decided it would be best that she goes back to living the Amish lifestyle. Being in the English world had caused a lot of friction in Mary Schmucker’s marriage to her husband, Chester. She also wanted to be able to attend her daughter, Katie Ann’s wedding. So, she sold her English possessions and went back to the community.

However, Mama Mary Schmucker didn’t get a warm welcome back. She was shunned and had to show that she had left her English ways behind for good. Yet, she was eventually allowed back in the church and also attended her daughter’s special day. Mary still seems to be Amish. She recently appeared in a video with Rebecca Schmucker, and she was wearing traditional clothing.

Return to Amish: Mary Schmucker

Mama Mary Selling Food Containers

Mama Mary Schmucker loves spending time in the kitchen and cooking. The Return to Amish castmate also enjoys eating delicious meals, even if they aren’t so healthy. However, recent reports say that Mary has started to put her health first and has even dropped a few pounds. But, it seems like the kitchen is still her happy place.

While trying to get back into the Amish community, Mary Schmucker from Return to Amish started to sell Tupperware. It seems like she may still be in the food container business. Mary has been taking pictures of the items she has up for sale.

Return to Amish: Mary Schmucker

Return to Amish Celeb Shares Recipes in Cookbook

Mary Schmucker has been able to take her love for cooking and make money off of it. While on the show, Mama Mary shared a lot of her Amish recipes. Many viewers were curious to find out how her cooking tastes. So, she decided to create her own cookbook. For $20, fans can purchase Mary’s recipes and cook like her. However, for an extra $5, she will even personalize the cookbook for the fan.

The Return to Amish TLC star’s cookbook seems to be a hit. Last month, Mama Mary Schmucker said that she was running low on copies. However, she also said that she would let people know when she’ll have more in stock. She has been able to take her passion and turn it into a money-making endeavor.

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