‘Return to Amish’: Is Mama Mary Schmucker on New Season of TLC Show?

Return to Amish fans are hoping that Mama Mary Schmucker will be in the new season. However, she wasn’t in any of the spoilers, which leads fans to wonder where Mary is? Will viewers get an update from her in the upcoming episodes?

Return to Amish: Mama Mary Schmucker Missing from New Season?

The trailer for season six of TLC’s Return to Amish was recently released, and viewers wonder where Mary Schmucker is. In the new episodes, original cast members Sabrina Burkholder and Jeremiah Raber return. There will also be two new members who are looking to escape the tight-knit Amish community. But, viewers couldn’t help but notice that Mama Mary is not in the spoilers.

Many Return to Amish viewers were hoping to see Mary Schmucker return for another season. One fan said that they are happy that the show is returning. But, they want to know what Mary and her family have been up to. Another one said that they would “love to see” more from her. According to the fan, the TLC star “brought life” to every episode. They also said that the show “would not be the same without” her. But, there’s a good chance that she won’t be returning.

Return to Amish: Mary Schmucker

Mama Mary Goes Back to Amish Community

Watchers last saw Mama Mary Schmucker as she was trying to get back into the Amish community’s good books. The Return to Amish reality star had to give up her fun lifestyle and stop drinking her favorite alcoholic drinks. She even had to say goodbye to her sports car. However, getting back into the Amish church wasn’t an easy task. Mama Mary was shunned, so she had to prove that she was serious about being Amish again.

Going back to the Amish may have meant that Mary Schmucker from Return to Amish had to leave reality TV behind. However, there have been a few updates since her appearance on the show. Reports say that she has been focusing on her health and lost a lot of weight. Mary was also eventually welcomed back into the church and was able to attend her daughter’s wedding.

Return to Amish: Mary Schmucker - Katie Ann Schmucker

Return to Amish Celeb Welcomes New Family Member

Mary Schmucker wasn’t the only one in her family living in the English world. Her son Abe Schmucker also left the community with his wife, Rebecca Schmucker. However, when Mama Mary returned, Abe didn’t go back with her. But, he isn’t the only Schmucker sibling to ditch their Amish upbringing. Mary’s daughter, Katie Ann, also got a taste of the non-Amish world. At one point, she had her mind set on staying English. But, it seems like she eventually went back to the Amish life.

After going back, the Return to Amish alum’s daughter got married and found out she had a baby on the way. Last year, Mary Schmucker welcomed a new member to her family. According to reports, Katie Ann Schmucker gave birth to a baby girl. Mary must be happy to be a grandma again to another little one.

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