Real Housewives of New York Recap: Tinsley And Scott Reunite – Sonja Makes a Scene

The Real Housewives of New York City recap starts with Ramona shopping for a latte machine for Avery. While she’s shopping, she calls Dorinda and tells her that she’s hosting a Christmas shopping party at Bindel’s. Dorinda says “I’m so excited when is the date?” Ramona tells her “I’ll send you an invite. I’m including everyone, even Sonia. I don’t understand what’s going on with her. Did I change? Did she change?” Dorinda says “Sometimes you have to take a break from people.”

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Bethenny’s New Apartment

Then on RHONY, Sonja meets up with Bethenny who shows off her new apartment. She asks Sonja “How are you?” Sonja tells her “I’m good. I had a busy day to get over the drama with Ramona. I felt like Ramona didn’t have my back.” Bethenny asks “What do you mean?” Sonja says “Even women in prison have that one person who has their back. Ramona doesn’t have anyone’s back. She’s like a sociopath.” The ladies move on to talk about the situation with Tinsley.

Sonja is really hurt that Tinsley compared living in her house to the five circles of hell. Bethenny tells her “You need to stop talking so much and get straight to the point.” Sonja asks her “Do you think I should mail her back the gift certificate?” Bethenny tells her “No. You should keep it.” Sonja agrees and says “Maybe I’ll use it for a gift for my daughter.”

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The Real Housewives episode continued with Carole is shopping with Tinsley because she is going to see Scott this weekend. Tinsley is nervous because she wants to be called Scott’s girlfriend. Tinsley tells Carole “I totally saw you and Scott after the marathon and you two are totally boyfriend and girlfriend.” Carole tells her “Slow your role. We’re just seeing each other.” Tinsley asks her “Well what are you, friends with benefits?”

Carole says “No, we are not friends with benefits. We don’t do that because then someone gets hurt when one person falls in love and the other person doesn’t want a relationship.”

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Luann Adjusts to Single Life

Luann is on the hunt for a new apartment after her divorce from Tom. She takes Dorinda with her. They see a beautiful apartment, but it’s too big for her. She tells the realtor “I want an outdoor space and an open kitchen.” When the realtor leaves the two women to settle back to talk about the situation with Sonja. Luann says “I feel sorry for her. I think that’s why I’m able to find the forgiveness.” Dorinda says “Praise God you can find forgiveness. She’s like a rattlesnake. If you want to touch her pick her up by the tail and shake her, but don’t let her get too close or she’ll bite you.”

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Ramona’s Party and Squashing Beef

The day of Ramona’s Bindel party arrives and Tinsley is a bundle of nerves over the trip to Chicago to see Scott. She tells her friend Ashley “I’m so nervous that Scott is going to say I love you, but this is never going to work.”

Carole meets up with Luann for lunch to try and squash the issues between them and get their relationship back on track. Carole tells her “I didn’t want to go through another period where our relationship is awkward and I think we need to deal with the elephant in the room.” Luann tells her “I just wanted you to respect the fact that I got married. You didn’t send me a text when I got divorced.”

Carole tells her “You didn’t send me a text when Adam and I broke up.” Luann tells her “Now  we’re just going tit for tat.” Carole tells her “I just wanted to clear things up and move on.”

Scott Surprises Tinsley

Tinsley gets the best surprise ever when she opens her hotel room door to see Scott standing there. He asks her “Why don’t you come back to Chicago with me tonight?” Tinsley says “I have to call Carole.” They call Carole and Tinsley tells her “Someone wants to say hi to you.” Scott says hello and Carole laughs. She tells Tinsley “I have to admit that I was kind of in on it. Scott called me and he was nervous so I helped him out.” Tinsley is super excited.

She tells Carole “I’m going to Chicago tonight so that means I won’t be able to go to Ramona’s party with you tonight.” Carole tells her “Don’t worry. I’ll tell Ramona.” Tinsley tells Scott “When we broke up Carole brought me flowers. I said I would keep them until we got back together. Can I get rid of them now?” Adam says “You absolutely can.” Tinsley squeals with happiness.

Hurricane Relief

Bethenny and Meghan are discussing hurricane relief for Puerto Rico. Bethenny wants to send relief down there. She tells Meghan “When we go down there all you can take is a backpack. It’s not eyelash time.” Meghan says “Can I text Carole?  She’s been asking me about it the most.”

Ramona is setting everything up for her Christmas at Bindel’s shopping event as the guests arrive. Carole is the first to arrive and she tells Ramona that Tinsley won’t be coming because of Scott surprising her. Tinsley calls her mother on the way to the airport to tell her about Scott surprising her and taking her to Chicago. Her mother is happy for the two of them.

Meanwhile back at Ramona’s party everyone is arriving. There is an unexpected surprise for Luann as Tom’s ex Missy shows up and she and Luann come face to face. Luann handles the encounter gracefully. Ramona tells Luann “She  doesn’t see him anymore.”

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Sonja vs. Ramona

When Sonja arrives everyone seems to avoid her. Sonja seems ready to calmly confront her issues with Ramona. The calm doesn’t last long. Sonja tells Ramona “You know everything about me. I would never cheat on my husband and you know that.” Ramona says “People say things when they’re angry. We’re not twelve years old. You can fight your own battles.” Sonja fires back and tells Ramona “I have been there for you no matter what you’ve done.”

The Real Housewives of New York recap continues with it looking like the calm Sonja has gone right out the window as the two women are screaming at each other. Ramona says “Apparently you weren’t listening. All you had to say was I’m sorry.” This infuriates Sonja even more. Ramona tells her “You’re isolating yourself even more. You know what made it even worse? It was when Dorinda said you didn’t just bury your husband and you said stop it Sonja.”

By now everyone in the room is watching the argument.  Ramona decides to leave rather than let the fight get completely out of control. Luann says “You know the event is over when the hostess leaves!” That’s it. We’ll see what happens next time on RHONY. Thanks for checking out Soap Dirt’s Real Housewives of New York recap.

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