‘Real Housewives of New York City’ Recap: Dorinda Medley ‘Disinvited’ to Clam Bake – Luann de Lesseps Shades Ramona Singer

In this Real Housewives Of New York City recap Dorinda Medley finds herself “disinvited” to Barbara Kavovit’s much ballyhooed clam bake. Luann de Lesseps throws shade at Ramona Singer when she arrives. The gang stays split with the brunettes at one Hampton’s eatery and the blondes across the street at another. And Sonja Morgan finds herself right splat in the middle of the growing tension. Pull up a chair and let’s check out all the seafood, shade and real estate of season 11 episode 2 “Things Are Going Southhampton”.

Real Housewives Of New York City Recap: Dorinda Medley Stages a Mermaid Photo Shoot

On Real Housewives of New York City Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer arrive with caviar and Sonja’s dog Marley. Suppose Yankee Candle were to make a new candle called “Summer at Chez Ramona’s”. The scent would likely be a mix of stale wine, chlorine and KY Jelly. Dorinda Medley is off booze at least for now. So she invents a fun game for the gals in the absence of Bloody Marys.

On RHONY Dorinda Medley has bought mermaid dress up kits. Complete with clamshell bras. That really should only ever be worn by people under 25.

Even Tinsley is a bit long in the tooth for the fishy frolic on a grey Hampton’s day. The mermaid tails make descending stairs a challenge greater than Dorinda staying sober. Of course Sonja figures it out quick on Real Housewives Of New York City. She scoots down the steps on her butt. Of course just like when you’re wasted and want to go back out. The world according to Sonja.

Sonja In The Middle on RHONY

On RHONY over at Bethenny’s Hampton crib Lu and B dish about dudes, dating and sex with construction maven Barbara Kavovit. Yes THE Barbara K who keeps threatening a divisive clam bake to stir the sh*t. Luann de Lesseps says hot dudes are a plenty at AA meetings. Barbara has been single for a few years now. But she has managed to bag a painter recently. She’s got the right assets. But men are intimidated by her on the job.

Lu rings up Sonja on Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja takes the call in front of the blonde brigade. Ramona’s eyes are about to pop out of their sockets. Lu’s posse want Sonja to come to dinner with them. This means dipping on the others who already have a reservation. Sonja accepts the dinner invite and Ramona Singer chokes on her smoked salmon. The infamous clam bake comes up. Sonja loudly invites everyone.

Finally, on Real Housewives Of New York City, Ramona, Tinsley and Dorinda Medley arrive to dinner. Dorinda orders diet coke. Certainly we aren’t going this whole season without drunk Dorinda! Ramona heads to the bar to flirt with someone she made eye contact with earlier. Ramona Singer asks if he’s married. And he is. To a guy. Across the street the discussion revolves around Luann de Lesseps’ intervention, a 6 million dollar house and THE CLAM BAKE. Luann wants Dorinda “disinvited”. Seems like Sonja will run interference to make this happen.

Ramona Singer And Tinsley Volley For A Tennis Pro’s Attention

On Real Housewives of New York City Ramona Singer must be training for the Hampton’s Olympics. Last week she hired a swim coach. Also a tennis pro. Tinsley and Ramona head to the courts with the handsome pro. Of course we find out that Tinsley was once nationally ranked in tennis. Tinsley’s play impresses him. As a result he gives Tinsley more serves and attention. Ramona gets a little peeved. She huffs off saying she did two fitness classes already.

On RHONY Bethenny takes Barbara to her investment property. Seems like Barb loves the place. She gets a call from Dorinda Medley. Ms. Medley asks if she’s been “disinvited”. Also, Bethenny is all eye rolls and open mouth in the background. Barbara explains that unless she calls Luann de Lesseps and smooths things over that she shouldn’t come. Certainly this is not what Dorinda wanted to hear.

Furthermore Barb fears seeing Dorinda could send Luann head first into a Skinny Girl margarita. So due to the conversation Dorinda Medley chooses to graciously disinvite herself. Of course in a manic shrill tone that no one could call gracious.

RHONY – Something Stinks At The Clam Bake And It’s Not  Clams

On Real Housewives of New York City Lu and Barbara shop for appetizers. At Chez Ramona Dorinda wants to text Luann de Lesseps. Ramona approves. Luann receives a quote about forgiveness in the text from Dorinda Medley. Tyler Perry is the author of the quote. This rubs the countess the wrong way. Is she not worthy of a quote from Ghandi or Oprah? Somehow I feel Tyler Perry is entirely proper. Certainly Ghandi never went to a clam bake filled with menopausal women in heels. Hence Madea has.

A truck that says “Hampton’s Clam Bake” rolls up to Barbara’s house. Come on! This is rather generic ladies. Back at Ramona’s the others wave goodbye to Dorinda. Dorinda says she likes her alone time and doesn’t mind the diss. But you know once they leave she’ll start stabbing throw pillows. Barbara complains that she ordered too many lobsters. Similarly not thinking the Mahatma would relate. But maybe Oprah?

On Real Housewives Of New York City Bethenny arrives in a self-described silver lame mumu better suited to drag queen brunch. Tinsley, Sonja and Ramona arrive. Ramona Singer teeters in neon heels. While Luann de Lesseps sees her round the corner and rolls her eyes hard. What will happen next week. Will this damn clam bake finally start? Maybe a spurned Dorinda Medley falls off the wagon? Probably a drunk Ramona falls in the pool. Be sure to catch RHONY Wednesdays on Bravo!

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