‘RHONY’ News: Luann de Lesseps Back In Rehab – Duped Fans With ‘Sober’ Claim?

RHONY co-star Luann de Lesseps apparently wasn’t taking her sobriety as seriously as she reported. Luann has been boasting that she’s been sober for six months but reports indicate that is not the case. The controversial Real Housewives of New York cast member has checked back into rehab.

Luann’s life has been somewhat of a mess since she was arrested in Palm Beach a few months back. She entered rehab following that arrest.

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Now she’s being accused of “breaching a divorce agreement by failing to set up a trust for the children and award them with half of one of their vacation homes in The Hamptons.” This was according to a lawsuit was filed by Count Alexandre de Lesseps, Victoria de Lesseps, and Noel de Lesseps.

RHONY Co-Star Boasts of Six Months Sobriety… But

The Housewives’ star boasts of her “six months” sobriety. That is apparently not the case. Reality Blurb reports that they have “been aware of Luanne’s relapse for a while now.” They stumbled across a video that was posted online mistakenly in May by someone close to Luann.

Reality Blurb reports, “Luann could be heard in the background talking to someone and slurring her words. She was 100% inebriated. We chose not to publish that video back then and decided against doing a story about it for the sake of her well-being.”

Duping Fans?

The media site shares how they became disappointed with Luann. They knew that she wasn’t sober in May but it sounds as if the site felt blindsided with her next move.

Luanne surfaced earlier this month boasting of having six months of sobriety under her belt. The site claims they knew differently than the reports from the RHONY star.

Bethenny Frankel Steps In

With that said, it sounds as if they support her in her latest attempt to get help, as does her RHONY co-star, Bethenny Frankel. It was Bethenny who confirmed her friend is once again “seeking help.”

Her co-stars, as well as the Bravo Channel as a whole, support Luann in her latest rehab stay. According to People Magazine, it was on July 16 when Bethenny confirmed Luann re-entering rehab.

With Luann seeking help for her problems, Bethenny released a statement regarding the reunion show that is due to tape on Tuesday. She is proud of her friend for making this decision. But this means Luann won’t be filming the reunion show.

RHONY Not Taping Reunion Show

Bethenny’s statement included, “This weekend, Luann was surrounded by her girlfriends and decided — with their support — that in light of recent circumstances, it is the healthiest choice for her not to attend Tuesday’s reunion taping so that she can continue in her healing process.”

Luann Was In Hot Water

Police arrested Luann de Lesseps in the early morning hours the day before Christmas last year. The authorities charged the RHONY star with “disorderly intoxication, battery on an officer/firefighter/EMT, resisting arrest with violence and threatening a public servant,” according to People Magazine.

The arrest stemmed from Luann and an unidentified man refusing to leave a hotel room after they mistakenly entered the wrong room. She pleaded “not guilty” to the charges and refused a plea deal offered to her back in February. She entered rehab for the first time after this incident.

RHONY Ex-Hubby sues Luann de Lesseps

Now Luann’s former husband and the de Lesseps children are suing her for “breaching a divorce agreement.” They accuse the RHONY star of failing to set up a trust for the kids and failure to hand over their share of half of one of the vacation homes in the Hamptons.

Family Drama Puts Luann Over the Edge?

Bethenny conveys that it was the family drama that sent Luann to rehab this time around. Bravo released a statement on their RHONY star supporting her in her rehab endeavor.

Bravo’s statement included: “Bravo supports Luann’s decision to focus on her health. She is part of the Bravo family and we continue to stand by her as she copes with this challenging situation. At this time, we hope everyone will respect her privacy.”

Apparently, Luann has been a success at doing the cabaret, having several sold-out shows in the past. Bethenny explains that Luann is taking the necessary step of entering rehab so she can “get better so the show can go on” as well.

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