‘Real Housewives of New York City’ Recap Season 11 – Dorinda Medley and Luan de Lesseps Still at Odds Episode 1 “Divided They Summer”

This Real Housewives of New York City recap tarts with a mini recap. We flash back to the famous “Jovani incident” in the season 10 finale. LuAnn de Lesseps is onstage ( and later we find out a little drunk) and Dorinda Medley heckles her about her gown from none other than Dorinda’s friend Jovani! We revisit the season 10 RHONY reunion where LuAnn de Lesseps is a no-show because she is seeking treatment after an intervention. Bethenny Frankel was part of it. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the season 11 premiere  “Divided They Summer”.

Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Bethenny Deals With The Loss of Dennis Shields

We’d like to start this Real Housewives of New York City recap with the sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Dennis Shields. Dennis was the on again off again boyfriend of Bethenny Frankel. Bethenny talks to friends over lunch in the Hamptons to help get her through. She and her daughter will miss him terribly. Bethenny knows he would want her to move on and be happy. She really loved him.

Back in Manhattan Tinsley Mortimer is getting a car delivered to her from beau Scott Kluth. Not just a car mind you but a Bentley. She stands in the street drinking an icy Starbucks and orders them to put it in the garage. All while acting like this is something completely normal that happens every day (insert eye roll emoji). It looks like Tinsley also parted with her trademark long curls for an edgier look. The curls were her signature when she was a Page 6 staple in the Paris Hilton era.

On RHONY Ramona Singer’s face isn’t the only thing that’s undergone major renovation. Her apartment has too and is up for sale. In typical Ramona fashion, she attempts to flirt with the very young realtor. Proving that money cannot indeed buy you class she questions if he’s really gay. He politely informs her he’s married to the handsome co-realtor that’s standing next to him. Apparently, there’s someone hornier than Robert Kraft and her initials are R.S.

Sonja Morgan’s First World Problems: Towels for Curtains

This season of Real Housewives of New York City finds Sonja Morgan joyfully walking her dog in Central Park. Fluffy designer dogs with breed names that end in doodle are a RHONY staple. Much like Skinny Girl product placement and drunken meltdowns. Sonja has moved to a small apartment. This is a major adjustment not only for Sonja but for viewers too! Who won’t miss the schizophrenic townhouse filled with interns, vibrators and the occasional French boy toy?

Sonja lounges in bed with the New York Post in red lingerie and waits for her assistant Taylor to prepare her peanut butter toast. The apartment is about the size of Tinsley’s walk-in closet. Yet there is an assistant. Sonja gripes about the toast taking too long. Her lovely assistant smiles through the gritted teeth and sadness of someone who has sold her soul to a she-devil. And she has.

On RHONY Sonja informs Taylor that her Netflix and chill guy is coming. She has no blinds in the bedroom yet so she suggests they duct tape her monogram towels over the windows. People across the way look in. She jokes about the towels falling down as she’s about to get off. Ramona stops by for a visit. She suggests Sonja capitalize on her dog’s friends at the park to meet a guy. Sonja says no because the dog leads by butt sniffing. Worth a try maybe?

RHONY Recap: Dorinda Medley’s Doing Dorinda

On Real Housewives of New York City a fit Dorinda Medley clips (pun intended) through the park with her pal Luke Henderson of “Ladies of London”.  She spent the summer at the Berkshires exercising and eating healthy. Dorinda has also realized that nothing good comes after a couple of drinks and that she’s not so good at handing her hooch. Wait? WHAT! Noooo! Sober healthy Dorinda isn’t what we signed up for!

In perhaps the best montage ever played out on reality TV we see classic drunken Dorinda Medley clips! Complete with costumes, slurred words and smeared make-up. And the famous clip scene. No we can’t have a perky up at 6 to exercise and make smoothies Dorinda Medley. We want the 3 martini lunch Dorinda to at least treat us to a cameo! She then doesn’t disappoint by talking about the erratic behavior of LuAnn de Lesseps. The two still aren’t speaking.

RHONY treats us to another gem: It’s a montage of Luann de Lesseps over the last year and a half. It’s like she just won the lifetime achievement award for bad decisions in the shortest time.  We see Countess marrying slime ball Tom D’Agastino, divorcing him, stalking him in Palm Beach, getting arrested, assaulting a police officer, going to jail, going to rehab and relapsing! It’s exhausting! Luke politely points out most people don’t achieve this in a lifetime. Kudos to the Countess.

Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Life’s No Cabaret for the Countess

On Real Housewives of New York City Luann de Lesseps gardens and talks to her daughter. Luann de Lesseps is 53 days sober and looks great. Barbara Kavovit, a good friend of Luann has joined the season 11 cast in a supporting role. Luann gets emotional. She credits Barb and Bethenny for coming to her rescue after she relapsed during some legal troubles. She goes to a meeting everyday and is working on her successful cabaret show.

The two go to lunch at Bethenny’s summer-house. Of course there is some strategically placed “Skinny Girl ” wine on the table. In view of the cameras but away from Luann. Luann de Lesseps is upset that Dorinda Medley who is in the Hamptons right now visiting Ramona hasn’t reached out. Bethenny points out that Luann hasn’t either. Barbara K h is having a clam bake. She intends to invite Dorinda. This is a deal breaker for Luann who doesn’t want triggered.

Meanwhile on RHONY over at Ramona’s the Marvelous Miss Medley brings a tongue in cheek gift. It’s a candle in a tote bag that was a favor at Lu and Tom’s wedding. Ramona disses Luann de Lesseps as being in a bad place. Dorinda Medley begins to cry as she feels bad but thinks she was only speaking the truth. Ramona calls out Lu as being on a high horse and says she can’t be reasoned with.

RHONY : Ramona Can Flirt Not Float

On Real Housewives of New York City Ramona drinks Perrier at her spectacular Hamptons pad. She’s hired a swim instructor. After the disastrous boat ride of last season she wants to learn to swim. Ramona is attracted to her private swim instructor Boris. She remarks that his swimsuit matches her pool noodles.

Ramona says she knows how to flirt but needs some help learning to float. Boris plays along and the two get friendly in the water. Will this be a love connection for Ramona? What will happen at the clam bake? Will Lu and Dorinda make up? The only thing certain in the world of RHONY are “Skinny Girl” stuff and lots of fillers! Till next week!

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