‘OutDaughtered’: Olivia Busby’s New Development Shocks Parents

OutDaughtered‘s Olivia Busby stays true to form when it comes to accomplishments in the family. She was the biggest out of all the quints, and now it looks like she might beat her sisters to an important milestone.

OutDaughtered: Olivia Busby Makes Fans Fall In Love

April 8th of 2015, Olivia Busby and her quint sisters came into the world via C-section. Danielle Busby was only 28-weeks pregnant, and Olivia of OutDaughtered came out the biggest baby of all the quintuplets. And she was only two pounds and 6 ounces.

TLC’s Olivia was also the longest quint out of the OutDaughtered bunch at 14.4 inches long. She was also the second quint to enter into the world—right after her sister Ava Busby. Ava is Olivia’s twin, and people often have a difficult time telling the two apart.

Adam Busby originally thought only four babies were coming. But the OutDaughtered family then learned that one of the eggs split and Danielle would give birth to twins. Viewers couldn’t imagine life without either Ava or Olivia and are glad the family had five amazing babies.

OutDaughtered: Olivia Busby

Olivia’s Got a Loose Tooth

Danielle and Adam Busby were surprised to see that Olivia Busby now has a loose tooth. They said that she didn’t have a loose tooth at all until now. And now it feels like it’s about to come out.

Olivia showed off her loosening tooth, but it doesn’t look like she worried about it. Fans of OutDaughtered said they couldn’t believe Olivia Busby was old enough to lose teeth. And more people said, “She is growing up so fast, I love her.”

Viewers of OutDaughtered said they bet Olivia can’t wait for the tooth fairy to come. Other fans said she must be proud to be the first quint to have a loose tooth. And viewers can’t wait to see what she looks like with a missing tooth.

OutDaughtered: Olivia Busby

OutDaughtered: Enjoying Life as a Family

Olivia Busby and her family live in League City, Texas, where there aren’t as many lockdown rules. Many OutDaughtered fans love to see the family out enjoying restaurants and other activities. Olivia often goes on outings with her mom and dad since they split up and run errands.

OutDaughtered parents Danielle and her husband Adam try to keep things as “normal” as possible. Throughout the pandemic, they have been as safe as possible. But they never stopped enjoying outside activities.

Fans say that Olivia keeps the family laughing and is known as the “goofball” in the family. The quints go to a private school now and go to school in person. Their big sister Blayke still goes to the public school she has always been

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