‘OutDaughtered’: Parker Busby Oozes Confidence in New Photoshoot – Dad Adam Proud

OutDaughtered star Parker Busby is slowly coming out of her shell. The adorable daughter of Adam Busby and Danielle Busby showed progress in dealing with her anxiety. Compared to the rest of the quints, Parker’s shy. But now, it looks like she’s conquered some of that anxiety in her latest photo-op.

OutDaughtered: A Look Back at Parker Busby’s Anxiety

Avid viewers witnessed how the quintuplets grow up in front of the camera. Plus, the adorable sisters definitely showcased their own personalities. Fans know Riley as the smarty pants, Hazel as the sweetest quint, and Ava and Olivia as the bubbly twins. As for Parker Busby, people know her as the shy daddy’s girl.

Parker Busby’s shyness worried her daddy Adam Busby and mom Danielle. The OutDaughtered parents knew they needed to help their daughter. With high hopes, the couple decided to take the first step in helping Parker deal with her issues. So, they took her to an occupational therapist, who confirmed an anxiety diagnosis.

It was revealed that Parker Busby tends to get stressed out easily and shut down when faced with new things. She also doesn’t like being in the spotlight – but is on OutDaughtered. At that time, Parker needed to play more with other kids and try activities that can help her calm down.

OutDaughtered: Parker Busby

Daughter Camera-Shy No More?

Now, after months of working on her socialization and confidence, it seems Parker Busby is slowly getting more comfortable being the center of attention. The OutDaughtered cast member has improved dramatically since the last time fans saw her on the show.

Just recently, Parker Busby showed she could rock some adorable poses with confidence. Parker, along with the other OutDaughtered quints, starred in a photoshoot for a clothing brand. Then, at her solo session, she proved she is more comfortable even when all eyes are on her.

See above – Parker Busby looked cute as she smiled for the camera. Her freckled face also made her look even more charming. And, she showed no sign of nervousness as she eagerly posed for OutDaughtered fans to see.

OutDaughtered: Parker Busby

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Dotes on Daughter

The fact that Parker Busby was feeling more at ease in such a situation made her father Adam Busby even prouder. OutDaughtered dad, Adam, couldn’t help but gush about his little girl and her apparent progress. Lately, Adam Busby revealed his daughter Parker Busby has a lot of confidence in a studio.

You may know Adam Busby’s been very open about his special connection with Parker Busby. And, Adam’s also very supportive of her, especially when it comes to her mental wellbeing. Perhaps Adam Busby can relate to her situation, given his previous postpartum depression, which he seemed to conquer. In the end, it’s good to see Parker Busby opening up more to the world.

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