‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Laughs at Anger Issue Claims after Smashing Tricycle

OutDaughtered TLC star Adam Busby is in hot waters after losing his temper and letting it out on his daughter’s ride-on toy. The husband of Danielle Busby faced criticism for throwing one of the quints’ tricycle, breaking it into pieces. But the TLC celeb seemed unfazed by the negative comments about him. Read on to find out more.

TLC’s OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Explains Trike-Tossing

It looks like the pressure of raising quintuplets took a toll on Adam Busby. The OutDaughtered celebrity revealed how he vented out his frustration on his kid’s tricycle one morning. Danielle Busby’s spouse, Danielle Busby, shared a short clip of his peaceful-looking garage. Then, out of nowhere, a pink three-wheeler ride flew through the air and smashed into pieces.

Adam Busby explained that a strong wind gust, probably the night before, blew the tricycle behind the “buzz bus”. He said that rushing off in the morning, the trike was behind his vehicle and he backed over it. He added that since the trike’s already damaged, he decided to let all his steam out, as he tossed it out of the way into the middle of the driveway.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

Adam Addresses Anger Issues Accusations

In the same post, Adam Busby said he’s not particularly proud of his actions. The OutDaughtered dad knew he’s going to face dad-shaming online. True enough, he was immediately criticized, with some accusing him of having anger problems.

One commenter called out Adam for being “so angry all the time”. The same user added that Danielle Busby’s hubby should’ve prepared for such an incident in advance by putting up the bike at night or have the quintuplets help tidy their stuff.

But instead of getting offended, Adam Busby chose to ignore the negativity and laughed at the idea. “I just think it’s funny,” he responded. “The fact that they are letting their own negativity get the best of them and choosing to come on this post and say something about me, says more about them”.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered Fans Show Support

On the other hand, some were able to relate to Adam Busby’s bike-throwing incident. OutDaughtered supporters noted that it’s pretty normal for parents to vent their frustrations one way or another. Others even cited their personal experiences closely similar to Adam’s actions.

Many praised Adam Busby for being honest about his mood, even if it reflects negatively on his wholesome-dad image. Others pointed out that Adam is only human and that he’s man enough to admit his flaws as a father.

Adam Hints New Season of OutDaughtered

Meanwhile, it seems like viewers will be seeing more of Danielle and Adam Busby with their girls — Blayke, Riley, Parker, Ava, Hazel, and Olivia — back on tv soon. Apparently, Adam teased that OutDaughtered will be back for another season.

In response to a fan, Adam Busby hinted that they already know when the show is coming back on TLC but would not give any other details. Danielle has been relatively mum about it as well. For now, fans can check out the adorable family on their social media pages.

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