‘OutDaughtered’: Busby Quints Start an Exciting New Journey

OutDaughtered‘s Busby quints are on a new journey this year. And with COVID-19, fans wonder how things are going to look for the Busby family this year.

TLC’s OutDaughtered: Getting the Busby Quints Ready for School

When the quints originally went to their preschool, it was a challenge for quint parents, Danielle Busby and Adam Busby. In fact, the most challenging part was keeping Hazel Busby at home. She wasn’t walking, so they had to teach her before she was allowed to go.

Being able to walk at the preschool was a must because of safety reasons. Before long, Hazel Busby got the hang of things, and the whole OutDaughtered quint crew was back together. But not too long after, there was more drama for Adam and wife Danielle when they didn’t agree to move Riley forward to a different class.

As a matter of fact, Adam said that all of the girls were on the same level. But it seems like they eventually got it together and let the girls move up separately. In the last season, they even put each quint in a different class.

OutDaughtered: Hazel - Ava- Riley- Olivia- Parker

Say Hello to Kindergarten

Now all of the girls are heading off to Kindergarten. Many OutDaughtered watchers wondered if Riley was going to go to first grade. But it seems like everyone is going to go to Kindergarten and stick together.

Danielle put together some really cute outfits from her shop. The little dresses and the shoes are adorable. The pictures lead fans to believe that the quints won’t stay home for school online. It seems like the quints are ready to get back into the physical classroom.

Viewers of OutDaughtered wonder how long the schools will stay open. Many schools that opened shut down again, even when a single staff member came down with COVID-19.

OutDaughtered: Hazel - Ava- Riley- Olivia- Parker - Busby

OutDaughtered: Preparing for a Great Season

After a short season of OutDaughtered, fans are ready to see what’s been going on with TLC’s Busbys. Self-shooting the show didn’t work out so great for the family. In fact, it was a lot of work, so it’s likely they are very happy to have their production crew back.

The crew went with them on their RV trip and even did some special dance moves with the girls. The newest episodes are sure to be a lot of fun and just what the fans want as they are stuck inside from quarantine.

Everyone wants to have updates on all of the quints—especially Hazel Busby. We do know that she had an eye appointment recently, and it did go well.

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