‘OutDaughtered’: Riley Busby Gives Tour of Her ‘Big Girl’ School

OutDaughtered parents of Riley Busby (Adam Busby and Danielle Busby) have a very busy year ahead as all their daughters attend school. The quints, in particular, already started pre-school. But not all five of them are in the same class. Riley Paige Busby goes one step ahead of her sisters as she begins Kindergarten. The rest of the girls, on the other hand, were assigned to different Pre-K classes.

OutDaughtered: Riley Busby Shows Off Her School

In the latest sneak peek for OutDaughtered Season 7, Riley Busby proudly gave a tour of her school. The adorable girl is currently in Kindergarten, one level advanced than her siblings. The daughter of Adam and Danielle Busby seems to have adjusted well with her big girl class, seemingly embracing being the “smarty pants” among the quints.

In the short clip, Riley Busby shared a glimpse of her fun day with the older kids. Despite her young age, she definitely fits in easily, and catching up with her classmates seems a breeze. It wouldn’t be surprising to see her move up to first grade earlier than most girls her age.

Outdaughtered: Ava Busby - Parker Busby- Olivia - Riley Busby - Hazel Busby

Busby Girl Visits Sisters in Classroom

Although Riley Busby goes solo in her new class, she still makes sure to check on Hazel, Parker, Ava, and Olivia in their respective classes. The OutDaughtered sweetheart adorably visited her sisters, showing everyone what they’re like in the classroom.

Riley first dropped by Hazel Busby’s room. The red-haired cutie seemed busy painting with her young classmates but still managed to give her sweetest smile to Riley. Next up, Riri visited Parker Busby, who seemed focused on her activity. Little P.K. was so serious doing her task that Riley thought she gave her a “sour face”.

OutDaughtered star Riley also checked out her sister Ava Busby, who appeared to have a good time goofing around with her friends. Lastly, Riri called over Olivia Busby from her group, only to get rejected with a playful “nope!” It’s truly undeniable that the quintuplets have grown up so much, each with a unique personality.

OutDaughtered: Riley’s Brave Dive

Meanwhile, it looks like Riley Busby takes after her big sister Blayke Busby’s love of swimming. The OutDaughtered siblings both like to spend time outdoors, especially at the pool. In a recent IG Live shared by Danielle Busby, Riley showcased her diving skills.

Riri unhesitantly jumped off from the high rocks straight to the water. Previously, Blayke Busby pulled off a similar stunt when she dove off the roof adjacent to the pool. It’s clear that the Busby girls know how to have fun in the water and it’s too adorable not to notice.

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