‘OutDaughtered’: Olivia Busby Shows Need for Speed

OutDaughtered cutie Olivia Busby might not be the rowdiest quint of them all, but she did show a need for speed recently. She gave her sister, Riley Busby, a run for her money at the title of daredevil with a recent action.

OutDaughtered: Olivia Busby Takes the Wheel

Olivia Busby from OutDaughtered was excited to see the dolphins on a trip to the ocean. They had been stuck inside because of quarantine for quite a while. And they needed to get some fun in the sun to really enjoy a great time together.

OutDaughtered quint Olivia found her way to the front of the dolphin tour boat. And her dad, Adam Busby, saw she got to steer the ship. He looked like he felt really proud of her and thought it was a cool experience for her to have.

Before they knew it, Olivia Busby decided she wanted to do more than just steer the boat. And she took it upon herself to push the boat controls and make the boat speed up. The guy running the boat had to quickly stop her from pushing it any faster.

OutDaughtered: Olivia Busby

Olivia & Family Head to Williamsburg, Virginia

Another fun trip the OutDaughtered family took during the pandemic was to historic Williamsburg. TLC’s Olivia Busby and the rest of her sisters had a great time exploring. They went to a rope course with a zipline, and some of the girls showed their bravery.

OutDaughtered fans said it was nice to see them traveling, but they were glad they acted safely. All of the girls kept their masks on when they were out in public. Olivia and all of her sisters liked going to the ice skating rink.

Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered said it wasn’t often that Texans got to see so much ice. But they spoke too soon because the winter vortex struck their state only a few months later. And Adam even slid on some of the ice. Danielle, Olivia, and everyone else got a laugh out of Adam Busby’s fall.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby - Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered: Heading to Warmer Weather

Danielle said Olivia and the rest of the OutDaughtered kids were going with her, Adam, and the family to warmer temperatures. She seemed to feel bad leaving Texas behind during the storm. But she said they would be back soon.

Olivia Busby and the family got to Islamadora in the Florida Keys. And they looked like they were in paradise. They went through the mangroves and enjoyed some time playing on the beach. The place they stayed had awesome views, and everyone said they were super jealous of them.

Olivia thinks the warm weather is normal since she’s from Texas. And they all had a great time since this point in the year it feels very comfortable there.

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