My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Terrified of Going Bald – Reveals Hair-Saving Secrets

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore shares a stunning admission about her hair and fear of going bald. Many fans and followers have commented on how thick and healthy her hair is. They want to know what she is doing to get these results.

So, that is when the former My Big Girls Dance Class instructor came clean on her hair care secrets. What she shares next is a very candid admission from the TLC star. Here’s what Whitney Thore’s biggest insecurity is and how she deals with it.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Hair Secret Revealed

My Big Fat Fabulous Life celeb Whitney Thore has dealt with hair loss for over thirteen years. Right after college, he noticed her hair was thinning and she had bald spots. This is a direct result of her having PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). This hormonal disorder affects women of childbearing age. There are several ways this disorder manifests itself. It affects the ability to conceive a child and as Whitney herself says, it causes “bearding, balding, and being fat”.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life personality Whitney Thore tried everything to restore her hair back to the crowning glory it once was. The best hair restoration in the country said she wasn’t a candidate for a hair transplant. So, the MBFFL life alum started wearing hair extensions. Additionally, Whitney credits two products for making her hair look this great. First is Babe hair extensions and second is Toppikhair Hair hair building fibers. The later the reality star calls “life-changing” Of course none of this would be possible without an amazing hairstylist. Thankfully Whitney Thore has the perfect trifecta.

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A ton of y’all ask me what I’m doing to make my hair look thicker and healthier…and the answer is that it’s not my hair! PCOS can cause baldness due to extra androgenic production; I’ve been losing mine for the last 13 years. Yes, I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Over 10 years ago the top hair restoration doctor in the country told me I didn’t even have enough hair for a transplant. This is by far my biggest insecurity, and I’ve been wearing extensions for the last 5 years. The two products that make this finished look possible are @babe_hair extensions and @toppikhair hair building fibers (seriously life-changing). And of course, an amazing hair stylist doesn’t hurt — thank you, @ericaaderr! Thinking about the future gives me anxiety. I imagine at some not-too-far-off point I’ll have to shave my head and start wearing wigs, but for now I hope this video helps some of you looking for ways to build hair confidence! 🎥: @hopeleigh #PCOS #hairloss #hairextensions #babehairextensions #toppik

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MBFFL: Whitney Thore Going Bald

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Thore shares that her biggest insecurity is going bald. After nearly ten years of dealing with hair loss and countless treatments, she turned to hair extensions. So for the last five years, she’s relied on these extensions to build her confidence and maintain her hair in the way she likes it to look. However, even Whitney Thore knows that she likely won’t be able to wear extensions forever.

Sadly the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star says she has anxiety about the future. She knows that it’s a matter of time until she will have to shave her head and start wearing wigs. However, in the interim, the ever-positive Whitney Thore hopes that sharing her insecurity and the video helps her fans build up their own hair confidence.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Fans Offer Support and Praise to Whitney Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans rallied quickly behind Whitney Thore. They thanked her for her bravery and vulnerability. No doubt it wasn’t easy to share this insecurity with the world but certainly thanks to Whitney many women now will know they aren’t alone. So, this is a great example of using your celebrity to help others. Thanks to Whitney Thore’s candidness many of her fans now feel less alone and more normal than they did before.

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