‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Whitney Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore returns with another season of her hit TLC show soon. Whitney is known for her outgoing and friendly personality. She’s been a source of positivity and inspiration for many. Fans also know her as a talented dancer. But, there is a lot about her that seems to get overlooked. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Whitney Thore.

The new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life starts January 7 at 8 pm only on TLC

#1 My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Thore Taught English In South Korea

After completing college, Whitney Thore moved to another country. She migrated to South Korea for awhile. While in SK, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life alum taught English to schoolchildren. However, she returned to America – where she found herself unemployed.

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#2 Whitney’s Dance Video Went Viral

Once Whitney Thore was back in America, she got the chance to work in the radio industry. She worked as an on-air producer for a local radio station. It was there that Whitney shared a video called “A Fat Girl Dancing.” It was a video of herself shaking it. The video instantly went viral. And that gave her the platform to spread her message of body acceptance.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life celeb then got a chance to appear on numerous media outlets. This is where she caught the attention of TLC. Then, she launched as a star of her very own reality television show.

#3 Whitney Has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Whitney Way Thore dealt with fast weight gain during her time in college. It wasn’t until years later she found out she has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. She has been very open about how being diagnosed with PCOS has affected her life and weight.

PCOS could affect her ability to have children. That’s why she sought out the option of adoption. But, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life TLC star dealt with weight issues way before her diagnosis with the issue.


#4 Whitney Had A Troublesome Relationship With Food

Whitney Thore wasn’t always so body positive. She revealed that she had an eating disorder that started in middle school. She always had a hard time with her body. Whitney admitted that she used to restrict her calories intake. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life cast member would also purge her meals.

Since then, Whitney Way Thore’s worked to accep her body. She created a No BS (No Body Shame) movement. Which is all about embracing your body. No matter what your body type is. And it seems to be working for her.

#5 Whitney Is A Published Author – My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star’s a Writer

Back in 2016, Whitney Thore became a published author. She wrote a memoir about her journey of living a shame-free life. In the book, Whitney touches upon her former obsession to be thin, developing an eating disorder, rapid weight gain and her health struggles.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life dancer also shared her inspiring message behind her No BS campaign. As well as how she got to the point where she is able to embrace who she is and her appearance. Whitney Thore doesn’t hold anything back in her book.

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