‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore’s Awkward First Time Alone with Chase [Video]

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore acted like a giddy school girl the first time she was left alone with her now-fiance Chase Severino. The new season of MBFFL documents Whitney and Chase’s relationship from their first meeting up until his romantic proposal in Paris. However, the road to romance wasn’t always smooth for these two. So, now we all get to witness every awkward moment that forever changed Whitney Thore’s life.

Season 7 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life debuts on Tuesday, January 7th at 8 pm on TLC

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore’s Game Needs Work

My Big Fat Fabulous Life celeb Whitney Thore hasn’t been left alone with a man she finds attractive in a long time. So, her time with Chase Severino is unusual for her.

Whitney makes this admission to the cameras in the first episode of season 14 of her hit TLC reality show. In the clip below,  as well in a few other scenes in the sneak peek episode that aired this week, you can see Whitney’s flirt game is in serious need of work.

As the My Big Fat Fabulous Life alum says, she was awkward in her first one-on-one alone time with Chase Severino. Seriously, she even discussed her weird relationship with Buddy Bell. Of course, that lead Chase to ask what the status of that relationship was with Buddy. After stumbling a bit, Whitney settled on “roommate” to describe her and Buddy’s status. However, Chase asks if it’s more like “it’s complicated”. No doubt as Whitney and Chase grow closer, the Buddy situation will rear its ugly head. This will cause a love triangle of sorts within  Whitney Thore’s circle of friends.


MBFFL: Chase Severino And Whitney Thore Live in Separate Cities

My Big Fat Fabulous Life engaged couple Whitney Thore and Chase Severino not only do not live together but also they also live in different cities.

Recently Whitney moved from Greensboro to Charlotte to be closer to her No BS Active business partner Ryan Andreas. She met Chase via Ryan. The two are besties from their college days. So, Chase comes often from Wilmington to Charlotte for bro time with his bestie Ryan.

Where Will The Two Live?

However, now that Whitney and Chase are engaged, it remains to be seen where the couple plans to put down roots. Keep in mind that the couple hasn’t even decided on a wedding date. They’re just enjoying their engagement for now.

Season 7 of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life comes back on Tuesday, January 7th.

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