‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Chase Does Things For Whitney No Man Ever Has [Video]

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore’s now fiance Chase Severino surprises Whitney while they are in Paris. This season has been called the road to the ring. However, the road has been bumpy as of late. So much so Whitney begins to think that maybe they’re headed for a breakup.

Chase Severino is not ready to give up on their relationship. So he plans a special night for Whitney Thore in Paris. Chase does things for Whitney no man has ever done before. Here’s a glimpse into their special night in Paris for the My Big Fat Fabulous Life couple.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Chase Severino Romances Whitney Thore In Paris

My Big Fat Fabulous Life couple Chase Severino and Whitney Thore are in Paris. The trip’s primary focus is for Whitney and her No BS Active business partner Ryan Andreas to expand their following. However, Ryan invited Chase to tag along. Then Whitney opened up the trip to her friends as well. So with so many people around, it certainly is hard to get some alone time in as a couple.

In fact, the few times the My Big Fat Fabulous Life lovebirds were together they argued. Their main bone of contention is Chase Severino’s willingness to have children. Although things are tense, Chase plans a special night for his lady. He orders a special meal from room service.

Chase Severino pulls out all the stops for the My Big Fat Fabulous Life celeb. He has champagne chilling and milk to go along with the chocolates he bought for Whitney Thore. She is in awe.No one ever remembers she cannot have chocolates without milk. Then, of course, there are the rose petals on the bed.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life alum, Whitney Thore, says thatno man has ever done anything on this level for her. She even jokes that she couldn’t even get a boyfriend to take her out for fast food.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore - Chase Severino

Three’s A Crowd – Ryan Andreas Removed From The Situation

My Big Fat Fabulous Life pair Chase Severino and Whitney Thore are sharing a room with  Ryan Andreas on this business trip. Although the room is a suite with a fantastic view of the Eifel Tower, it is certainly isn’t set up for Chase and Whitney to get in some sexy time. However, Chase thought of everything when planning this special night for his lady. He had Ryan removed from the situation.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life lovers chuckled about getting rid of Ryan for the night. Certainly, three’s a crowd. Plus, Chase definitely had plans for Whitney that didn’t include his “bro”. Whitney cannot help but wonder if this evening is a prelude to a proposal.

But Whitney Thore quickly dismissed that notion since the two have been on the outs lately about where they stand on having children.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Ruins The Mood

My Big Fat Fabulous Life alum Whitney Thore is swept off her feet with the romantic gesture Chase Severino just surprised her with. However, Whitney just cannot let the wanting kids conversation go. She says in order to move forward and enjoy the night they need to “clear the air”.

She says on the surface they have a good vibe going but the friction is not too far from the surface.

So, Whitney decides to open Pandora’s box and start the discussion. However, Chase interrupts her and says he wants to go first. Perhaps Chase’s chat with Ryan earlier helped him realize what he wants.

As Soap Dirt readers know, this season ends with a proposal. So, it’s likely that Chase says he is open to being both a husband and a father.

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