‘My 600-lb Life’: Melissa Marescot Approved for Surgery – Says ‘No’ for Sad Reason

My 600-lb Life star Melissa Marescot is losing enough weight so she can get gastric bypass surgery, but she’s declining. And the reason why she said not to the operation is leaving many viewers feeling sad for her.

My 600-lb Life: Melissa Marescot Works Hard to Drop Weight

My 600-lb Life reality cast member Melissa Marescot is determined to drop as much weight as she possibly can to qualify for Dr. Nowzaradan’s gastric bypass. So, Dr. Now told her to drop sixty pounds in a period of two months. Starting off at 592 pounds, she hopes to be down enough to be approved for the operation after her first check-up appointment.

But, she only ends up losing 44 pounds. So after My 600-lb Life expert Dr. Nowzaradan checks in with Melissa, he encourages her to keep losing weight. Next, Melissa works harder to become more active and eat better.

My 600-lb Life: Melissa Marescot

Reality Star Crushes Health Goals

My 600-lb Life cast member Melissa Marescot is starting to work on preparing herself to go out in public. And because of her size, she feels that by going out and about outside her home, everyone is judging her. So, she’s taking steps to re-enter herself into the world and have a social life.

But, she takes small steps to do this. One way that she’s working on this and improving her health is going swimming in a public pool. Also, she works on making trips alone to get her mail and other tasks, as she says to her My 600-lb Life doctor.

My 600-lb Life: Melissa Marescot

My 600-lb Life: At-Risk Melissa Marescot Approved for Life-Changing Operation

Melissa Marescot loses a total of 85 pounds before she gets approved for surgery. She’s excited about this weight loss because it makes her feel like she’s getting one step closer to the life that she’s always wanted to live.

Then, Dr. Nowzaradan, on My 600-lb Life, approves Melissa for weight-loss surgery. This news thrills Melissa, but the excitement doesn’t last long. Dr. Now lets Melissa know that she has to move down to Houston, Texas for her to receive the procedure.

But, this doesn’t interest Melissa. She’s hoping to get the surgery in Texas, but still keep living near family in Florida. Dr. Nowzaradan won’t operate on Melissa unless she moves to Texas. This is because it’s critical for the My 600-lb Life physician to monitor her size to ensure that continues to get lower and doesn’t have any slip-ups.

Yet, Melissa asks for time to cut down her size even more. The My 600-lb Life personality hopes to prove to Dr. Nowzaradan that she can continue to drop the pounds without having to be monitored. But, this is concerning for Dr. Now. This is because he doesn’t believe she’ll be able to keep up with her healthy lifestyle with the same “support system” that allowed her to get up to a dangerously large size.

Ultimately, she ends up declining the life-changing procedure. This is because she doesn’t want to leave her friends and family behind in Florida.

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