‘My 600-lb Life’: Cindy Vela’s Nurse Smears Poop on Her Face

My 600-lb Life star Cindy Vela is completely dependent upon her nurses to take care of her. In a recent clip of Cindy Vela, one of her nurses smears poop on her face.

My 600-lb Life: Cindy Vela Doesn’t Want to Make Changes

On My 600-lb Life, Cindy Vela isn’t keen on making any changes to improve her overall health. While she claims she wants to lead a healthier life, she isn’t taking the necessary steps to make this transition. Also, she’s completely dependent upon two home health care aides. But, the trouble is, both of the home nurses are providing Cindy with different pieces of advice about her health.

The main provider that Cindy’s working with is Sandy. However, Sandy ended up moving away from her. But, she’s now back in the picture and fighting for the life of her friend, because she realizes how critical her friend’s condition is. On My 600-lb Life, Sandy talks about how she’s willing to let Cindy stay in her home and care for her.

But, the other provider that Cindy’s working with on My 600-lb Life is Denise. This nurse is the one responsible for fixing large portions of unhealthy meals for Cindy. Also, she fights back against her patient from making the trip to Houston, Texas. She says she doesn’t think it’s good for her health.

My 600-lb life: Cindy Vela

Overweight Episode Star Poops on Floor

On My 600-lb Life, Cindy Vela eventually makes the transition to go live with Sandy in Texas. However, she puts up a fight the entire time while doing this. Also, Sandy’s entire family is helping to take care of her. They’re working hard together as a family, in hopes of getting Cindy approved for gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Nowzaradan.

While Cindy’s living with Sandy, she isn’t putting out the effort she needs to for approval on her surgery. Instead, she’s complaining about having to get up and exercise. Also, she’s fighting back against the meals she’s being fed. On My 600-lb Life, Sandy is forcing her to get up and exercise. Cindy walks around the house, and ends up pooing on the floor.

My 600-lb life: Cindy Vela

My 600-lb Life: Cindy Vela’s Nurse Wipes Poop on Her Face

Cindy Vela isn’t the only person from her episode of My 600-lb Life that’s got a problem with poo. Denise, the home healthcare provider working with the star, also appears to have a problem with poop. While she’s forced on eating the meal that Denise fixed for her, Denise works on changing the sanitary pee and poo pad placed underneath her patient. After moving the used pad without any gloves on, Denise wipes her hands on her face to push back her hair. She didn’t wash or sanitize her hands before doing this, so there’s a good chance she ended up wiping Cindy’s poop on her face.

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