‘My 600-lb Life’: Kandi Dreier Dead?

My 600-lb Life star fans are worrying about the latest update of Kandi Dreier. Now that concerns after starting to circulate, many fans are wondering if Kandi Dreier’s dead.

My 600-lb Life: Kandi Dreier Talks About Struggles with Twin Sister

On My 600-lb Life, Kandi Dreier is opening up about a difficult past, along with her twin sister, Brandi Dreier. Both women contribute their rough childhood to the reason why they’ve struggled to keep their bodies slimmer as adults. Kandi goes on to explain that while she and her twin sister were growing up, their biological father would use food as a tool to babysit the children.

Next, Kandi from My 600-lb Life goes on to explain that whenever they would get fussy as children, he would feed them. She recalls how her dad dumped out an entire box of cereal on a table when they would cry, so he wouldn’t have to deal with their crying fits. Also, she says neither of her parents had any time for her or her sibling. Then, she says both of her parents were drug addicts.

Then, Brandi and Kandi’s mother goes on My 600-lb Life to reveal that the father of Kandi Dreier and Brandi Dreier was a drug dealer. So, she reveals that there were often strangers who were coming in and out of their home. Kandi goes on to say she wasn’t protected by anyone. Then, she says she and her sister were molested by a friend of their biological father.

My 600-lb Life: Kandi Dreier

Taking Steps for Better Health

On My 600-lb Life, Brandi and Kandi Dreier are talking about how they’re ready to make changes in their lives. Also, they say they’re tired of being overweight and want to accomplish something with their lives. So, they take a trip to see Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

After traveling to Houston, Texas to meet with Dr. Nowzaradan on My 600-lb Life, both girls have to weigh themselves. Brandi’s the first twin to weigh in and the scale reads 588-lb. Next, Kandi steps on the scale and her number is at 604-lb. They chat with Dr. Nowzaradan, who tells them the steps they need to take to better their lives.

My 600-lb Life: Kandi Dreier

My 600-lb Life: Is Kandi Dreier Dead?

While receiving the gastric bypass surgery she needs to save her life on My 600-lb Life, Kandi has complications. So, they end up pulling her out of surgery and putting her into a recovery room so doctors can closely monitor her. However, things take a turn for the worse.

On My 600-lb Life, Brandi and her mom watch Kandi as she dies in the hospital. A code blue alert sounds off throughout the entire hospital and hospital staff rush to her side. Then, Kandi moves into the ICU. Nurses say Kandi’s blood pressure dropped and she turned blue.

Kandi’s heart stopped. Doctors talk about how if the My 600-lb Life patient does survive, there’s a possibility she’ll have brain damage. Dr. Nowzaradan placed her in ventilation and a medically induced coma. He says Kandi got up to walk around and stopped breathing. Then, he says she had a pulmonary embolism, which is likely going to be fatal.

However, she ends up making a complete recovery, without any brain damage.

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