‘My 600-lb Life’: Ashley’s Family Photos Held Hostage by Show to Punish Her – Says Source

My 600-lb Life star Ashley Taylor claims that TLC is holding precious family photographs hostage, says one of her close friends. Ashley’s friend and neighbor told Soap Dirt that the pictures are not getting returned because the TLC celeb “did not provide enough drama to the show”.

My 600-lb Life: Ashley Taylor’s Biggest Addictions

My 600-lb Life celeb Ashley Taylor weighed over 600 pounds at the beginning of her journey with TLC. This star lives alone and talks about food being one of the only sources that brought her comfort in her life. But, food addiction isn’t the only problem that Ashley struggles with.

Further into her episode, Ashley talks about another problem that she’s developed to help her cope with her feelings. And she talks to her therapist about how she’s developed over 3,000 online personalities that she uses to “catfish” people.

Also, My 600-lb Life personality Ashley says that some of her fake online profiles have been discovered by her family after she upset some people she was “catfishing”. So, there are several members of her family that she says stopped talking to her.

My 600-lb Life: Ashley Taylor

TLC Star Brings the Drama

My 600-lb Life celeb Ashley Taylor is known well by fans for bringing drama into her episode. Even though she admits to having an eating problem, she got into a large fight with Dr. Nowzaradan.

Ashley Taylor accuses My 600-lb Life celebrity doctor of raising his voice at her and treating her disrespectfully. She gets very upset with the medical professional. She even walks out of an appointment that she was having with him.

And ultimately, Ashley ends up dropping down to 469 pounds. However, Dr. Nowzaradan doesn’t approve her for weight loss surgery. So, she says that she’s going to continue losing weight. She says she’ll continue because she knows that there’s a future out there for her and will keep fighting for what she believes is hers.

My 600-lb Life: Ashley Taylor

My 600-lb Life: Ashley Taylor Accuses TLC of Holding Family Photographs Hostage

My 600-lb Life star Ashley Taylor has a friend that gave Soap Dirt some inside information. This source told us that her friend feels like TLC is holding her hostage in a contract. This is because Ashley says the team is refusing to return the family photos she provided them.

The same source says Ashley claims production is doing this because she didn’t provide enough “drama” for My 600-lb Life. And Ashley’s saying that she was supposed to be an “angry black woman”.

Next, the source claims that Ashley thinks that the only way out of the contract is if she “pulls a Tamar Braxton” and attempts to commit suicide. This is because the show’s star supposedly thinks like she’s a “slave to TLC” and that the network wants her to “sell her soul.”

Also, this person claims that the My 600-lb Life celeb feels like she doesn’t have any way out from the network.

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