Memorial Day Salute to ’90 Day Fiance’ Cast That Served – Ricky Reyes, David Toborowsky and Others

90 Day Fiance celebrates cast members of the show’s franchise this Memorial Day. Ricky Reyes, David Toborowsky, Dean Hashim, Eric Rosenbrook and Jesse Meester have all served in the armed forces. So, we wanted to take some time to thank them for their service in a small special Memorial Day post. Although Memorial Day honors lives lost, every person that served shows their commitment and puts their life on the line.

90 Day Fiance: Ricky Reyes Served in US Army as Combat Engineer

As seen in the pic above, Before the 90 Days cast member Ricky Reyes was in the military years ago. That was long before he was a professional photographer and videographer. He was in the Army and served as a combat engineer. The pic above was when Ricky Reyes was early in his service years and was a Private First Class.

Post-90 Day Fiance, now Ricky Reyes is working on getting himself back into fighting shape, often posting gym pics. He’s lost quite a bit of weight judging by his online diary of his fitness progress. He’s also busy with Crown Film Productions, relocated to Texas, and is a busy single dad. So, let’s all salute Ricky for his service to our country on Memorial Day.

David Toborowsky Shares Military Throwback

In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, David Toborowsky posted an old photo to Instagram also. This shows him a lot younger in uniform. He was even on active duty starting in 1988. According to David, he served in the United States Army. He was stationed in Fort Leonard Wood and Redstone Arsenal. The current 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk star even joked that this was before he, “looked like an adult penguin”.

Perhaps it was David Toborowsky’s military service that led him to his affection for Asia. Often, Army service members are assigned to Vietnam, Korea, and other areas in the region. Presently, David is working as an ESL teacher, as shown on 90 Day Fiance update and where are they now episodes. Wife Annie Suwan is looking forward to her first job in the US since she got her work permit.

Tarik Myers’ Brother Dean Hashim J – Semper Fi to 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk Marine

Tarik Myers’ troublemaking brother and funny guy Dean Hashim has been featured on the 90 Day Fiance franchise is also a military man. Dean is a member of the Marine Corps. And he has been traveling back and forth from the US to the Philippines for some of his service obligations. That way, he can spend time with his foreign girlfriend. In fact, Dean said he retired over there to be with his new gal pal.

90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk - Dean Hashim


Back in February, Dean was back to Virginia Beach to do some work at Naval Air Station Oceana. He seems to be spending most of his time in the Philippines living his new life. Of course, this turned into a showdown recently on a What Now episode with Tarik raging at his brother for being a hypocrite after hassling him over his relationship with Hazel Cagalitan.

90 Day Fiance: Eric Rosenbrook a Veteran and Now in Reserves

While Eric Rosenbrook is now an avionics technician, he was once on active duty in the armed forces. Before his Instagram account was deleted, his bio said that he was a Calgary Scout at the Wisconsin National Guard. When Eric was first introduced to fans on 90 Day Fiance, we were told about his military service.

90 Day Fiance: Eric Rosenbrook

So, we thank him for his service as well as he continues to work for the military complex as a civilian and did active duty service in the past. Now, he’s a weekend warrior serving in the US National Guard/Reserves.

Jesse Meester Also a Military Man and US Armed Forces Supporter

Although Jesse Meester isn’t a US citizen, he’s a big supporter of the American armed forces. He shared the above pic for Memorial Day thanking those who served. Fans might not know this, but the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day star spent several of his teenage years at a military school for boys. Then, he continued with serving his country by enlisting in the military when he graduated.

90 Day Fiance: Jesse Meester

He has taken his passion for the armed forces a step further. Jesse actually landed a roll in a movie called Free Flight thanks to his extensive military background. Jesse is always one to show his support for America and those that serve. Today he wrote: “Thank you to all brothers and sisters in arms who continue to sacrifice these comforts for our freedom. ⁣⁣This weekend we remember and honor the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.⁣”

As we enjoy the Memorial Day holiday today, please remember those who served in America’s Armed Forces here and around the world and particularly those who made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives so that we can all enjoy our freedom.

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