’90 Day Fiance’: Jesse Meester at Jury Duty in New York City

90 Day Fiance cast member Jesse Meester was at jury duty in New York City yesterday. He posted a live stream on Instagram about it prompting questions and comments about his citizenship status. For months now, Jesse has been in the US constantly. It seems he might be here on a lengthier visa than what he could get as a tourist. But his visa aside, that’s not why he was at the New York State Supreme Court. He was there with a “a friend”. So, it begs the question of why the ex-TLC cast member was at the courthouse.

90 Day Fiance: Jesse Meester on Jury Duty? Hmmm

If you follow Jesse on social media, you’ll know that he’s a consummate globe trotter. In recent weeks, he’s been in the UK, Hawaii, all over the metro New York area, and South Africa. Right now, though, he’s back in NYC. But jury duty? That’s only for American citizens. But no, Jesse Meester did not change his status.

He’s not a citizen of the US, so wouldn’t be called up to serve. There’s a simple, yet interesting explanation for his presence at the courthouse. The former 90 Day Fiance said in an Insta story, “I experienced jury duty for the first time”. Then he said, “my friend was summoned and I was there to support and experience it myself”.

90 Day Fiance: Jesse Meester

Jesse is All About America – Girlfriend in New York?

It’s interesting to note that the 90 Day Fiance star was very careful in his video not to say “he” or “she” but kept it gender neutral. We reported a while ago that Jesse Meester had a gal pal in New York that he was seeing. He seems to be taking great pains to keep her out of the public eye. You can see above he was filming something, but this might have been an acting gig.

Say what you want about Jesse Meester, there is no doubt he loves the United States. He travels here extensively, poses for photos with anyone who asks, and constantly chats about how much he loves the US. That was part of his explanation of why the ex 90 Day Fiance took a break out of his busy schedule to go sit in a courtroom in Manhattan.

Meester Admires American Justice System

Jesse Meester shared on his video that he wanted to understand our legal system. He said he’s read about the “administration of justice”. Then, Jesse Meester said, “For me to also experience it is a different ballgame than just actually just reading about it”. The Netherlands native said that he admires that Americans “participate directly in the administration of justice.

He specified that “we don’t have that”. It must be a strange concept to see for Jesse. In the Netherlands, trials are conducted by judges who decide matters rather than a jury of your peers as our system is based on here. So, the 90 Day Fiance seems to be interested in learning about our country as he travels around gathering different experiences.

90 Day Fiance: What’s Next for Jesse Meester?

It’s clear that Jesse has put Darcey Silva in his rear view. Darcey doubled down on reality TV and reportedly filmed the spinoff 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way with her (maybe) fiance Tom Brooks. However, judging by her social media commentary, that’s another international romance that seems to have cooled off.

Now, Darcey and twin Stacey Silva are doing the TLC spinoff Pillow Talk, which is basically running commentary on the Happily Ever After episodes. For his part, Jesse Meester continues to be in front of the camera modeling, acting, and sharing his thoughts on the world, he doesn’t appear to be doing any reality TV at present.

He said recently that he’s “Grateful to live my life as a global citizen traveling and working around the world for many years as an actor”. You can check out Jesse in the video above for a self-made ad for his coffee brand Caffe Meester brand. If you’re a Jesse Meester fanatic, enjoy.

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