‘Married At First Sight’: Zach Breaks Speed Record Running Out After Mindy “Dumps” Him

On Married At First Sight, patient Mindy Shiben finally kicks out Zach Justice. And no one’s happier than the dumped groom. Meanwhile, Meka Jones crunches Michael Watson’s numbers, and it doesn’t add up. Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin make nice then make out. Plus, Katie Conrad’s mad Derek Sherman existed before they met. Meanwhile, Jessica Studer loves Austin Hurd while he just loves baseball. Grab your box of quarantine wine and take a sip every time someone says “vulnerable”. Let’s get this party started. MAFS airs Wednesday nights on Lifetime.

Mindy Shiben’s Pals Set Her Straight on Married at First Sight

Mindy Shiben is arguably this season’s most tragic figure. Horrible husband Zach Justice flat out told her on their first night together that he wasn’t feeling her. Since then, Zach Justice spent one night at their apartment at the MAFS Mapleview Towers. In the guest room. Mindy Shiben meets with friends. Then, Mindy admits she recommitted to disinterested Zach. They collectively chorus “whyyyyy?”.

So, Mindy Shiben says her Married At First Sight hubby Zach Justice has tried. Tried what – social distancing? This was pre-COVID, but he was yelling goodnight from down the hall. Plus, Zach accused Mindy Shiben of keeping secrets while he was creeping with one of her BFFs. The big secret was Mindy’s ex offered a ride from the airport. She said no. Zach Justice then claims “someone” let it slip Mindy’s hiding things.

On Married At First Sight, Mindy’s friend Shannie knows what happened because she told Lindsay about the ex-text. Then Linds ran to Zach Justice. Finally, Mindy Shiben realizes the extent of his douchery and admits she can’t fool herself into thinking this tool has a single redeeming quality. So, when he shows up that night spouting BS, she kicks him out of the apartment where he never lived anyway.

Married at First Sight: Zach Justice - Mindy Shiben

I Do, I Did, I’m Done on MAFS

Next, on Married At First Sight, Mindy Shiben tells Dr Viv she’s done being played by Zach with the good hair. The doc struggles not to grin and is clearly #TeamMindy. She tells Mindy she did the right thing then goes to talk to Zach Justice. Naturally, Zach tries to spin it. He acts appalled as the doc suggests he ever lied. Zach prefers to call it withholding information that may or may not prove he is an a-hole.

Later, Mindy Shiben enjoys a divorce party courtesy of Married At First Sight production. Signs are made that say, “I do, I did and I’m done”. Favors on the table say “we always hated him”. After gathering randos to pose as Mindy’s “friends”, the party begins. Mindy Shiben toasts to personal growth but still needs to scrub the shoe marks off the foyer floor Zach Justice left as he hightailed it out of there.

Meka Jones Says I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours (Pay stub, that is)

Michael Watson crawls into bed with Meka Jones on MAFS. He’s had a long day but Meka’s got plans for them. She’s all business in her glasses and says let’s talk finances. Better yet, fork over your pay stubs. Meka shows him a presentation of every paycheck since her first lemonade stand. Then, Michael produces a grocery receipt that he doctored and says this is his “take-home salary”.

Meka’s BS meter goes off the charts. And she tells Married At First Sight producer Montre that she’s breaking the rules and has to get away from this lying weirdo before someone gets hurt. She says he produced a forged job offer and an unacceptable bottom line. Meka rages on and says Michael needs help. Michael says it’s all legit. And that he’s looking forward to making a three-egg omelet for her tomorrow.

On Married at First Sight, Dr Viviana Coles sits down with Meka at her breaking point. Then, Michael again brings up the past and says he had to create a version of himself as a child after being teased for being adopted. So, this seems to mean he has to lie about being a fake yoga teacher and his “paycheck”. But in a stunning 180, Meka agrees to give him yet another try. Why, girl, why?

Katie Can’t Believe Derek Had a Life Before Her on MAFS

Married at First Sight spouse Katie Conrad threw a giant tantrum at Derek Sherman because he had a few simple dreams. But, the experts convince her to lighten up. The two visit stylish Dr Viv and discuss the past. Like Michael, Derek’s hosting playdates with his inner child. Derek says he didn’t always get to enjoy being a kid (or a husband). But, Katie left her childhood in the past to embrace being a toxic adult.

Per Dr V’s suggestion, they take a trip to Derek’s childhood home on Married At First Sight. It starts off fun as they root through his things in his mom’s garage. She laughs at his senior picture, but then a dark secret emerges. It’s a poem 13-year-old Derek wrote revealing a secret longing for a middle school classmate. How dare he? Derek says it was just a hormone-induced crush. But Katie’s not buying it.

What happens next on Married At First Sigh,t proves to Katie that Derek is literally the worst. It turns out he had fun in college. And a girl named Monica made him a personalized frat cooler. On the cooler was a mini bucket list about a hot date and petting an elephant. And (the horror) he’d checked both items. Outraged Katie screams “Who are you”? Relax Katie. It’s a cooler and fondling a pachyderm – not a corpse.

Jessica Loves Austin But He Needs More Time

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd discuss the future on MAFS. Where to live is a big question. It has to be a reasonable commute for both and have a mantle for their plaster of paris love hands. Austin mentions he travels for work – sometimes 10 days in a row. That upsets Jessica. When will she see him? She mopes. Really Jessica? Would you rather him be laying on your couch jobless?

The two meet Dr Coles on Married At First Sight to discuss the importance of being employed and vulnerable (take a drink) at the same time. Jessica admits she may have overreacted about Austin adulting and having a job. The doc pushes Jess to blurt, “I love you Austin”. Crickets. Austin still isn’t ready to go there. So, Jessica’s left feeling vulnerable (take another drink), and Austin thinks more about baseball.

The Married At First Sight couple heads to the beach after they do their homework. The assignment is to write letters to their younger selves. Austin takes the easy way out and writes to his college self who had fun, played baseball, and partied too much. In other words, every college student ever. Then, Jessica uses the opportunity to tell her younger self she should have said, “I love you” more often. Hint, hint Austin.

Brandon & Taylor Try Again on MAFS

Brandon Reid and Married At First Sight wife Taylor Dunklin star in their own version of Groundhog Day. The two enjoy a night out and Taylor invites him back to the apartment. Tyson the dog humps Brandon while Taylor wants to know why it took him so long to say she looked hot in her dress. She had to post it on Instagram to feel validated since he didn’t mention it fast enough.

Later, Brandon and Taylor visit his childhood neighborhood on Married At First Sight. Taylor gnaws on beef jerky and checks her phone while dodging cars. Brandon admits he had a great childhood. He played basketball till it got dark and life was good. Then, Taylor says she was often asked to play basketball but chose soccer. They goof off and shoot hoops. And, yeah, this is all just too good to be true.

Later they do a card game exercise prescribed by Married At First Sight‘s Dr V herself. If you pick a heart, you do something physical. A diamond means you give a compliment. They are a little awkward but end up sucking face. Previews from next week show that the two break up again as Brandon storms out on her. Yada yada yada. Be sure to catch MAFS Wednesdays at 8 pm on Lifetime.

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