‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Brandon Reid Uninvited from Reunion Show

Married at First Sight spoilers reveal production took back Brandon Reid‘s invitation after he filed for an annulment from Taylor Dunklin with the current season on the air. Previous episodes revealed Brandon doesn’t get along with the production crew. And, it looks like they had enough of his antics. What else do teasers reveal?

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Brandon Reid Uninvited from Reunion Show

Married at First Sight spoilers from a reliable MAFS leaker show Brandon Reid got his invite to the reunion show rescinded following his recent antics. He filed an annulment from wife Taylor Dunklin in the middle of the current season of the show. And, that’s a major spoiler the network wanted to hide until after the Married at First Sight season wrapped.

Due to that and other major Married at First Sight spoilers, he wasn’t welcome on the reunion show – which recently filmed. In addition, Brandon Reid’s relationship with the production crew soured early. And, that’s also a major red flag. So, it’s not surprising the network snubbed him.

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MAFS: Brandon Filed Annulment from Bride Taylor Dunklin

Married at First Sight spoilers report Brandon Reid filed the necessary paperwork to get his marriage to Taylor Dunklin annulled following the season 10 premiere. Soap Dirt snagged a copy of the official document. And, he put things in motion right in the middle of the Married at First Sight 10th season.

Lifetime tries to keep major spoilers like this under wraps until the reunion show airs. But, apparently, Brandon couldn’t wait that long. In addition, since that bombshell dropped, more leaks continue to come to the surface about this pair. And, some of them may surprise Married at First Sight watchers.

Married at First Sight: Taylor a Last Minute Replacement – Brandon Recruited

Recent Married at First Sight spoilers report spouse Taylor Dunklin was a last minute replacement after other candidates backed out. In addition, Lifetime recruited Brandon Reid to be on the show via a cold call. So, that alone could account for the lack of chemistry between them some MAFS viewers see. In addition, leaks say they never consummated their union.

Moreover, Married at First Sight spoilers show Brandon Reid moved into their shared apartment as a married couple for only one day. The pair had a huge fight and he bailed. Brandon appears to have mood swings on this season of MAFS. And, he had a meltdown – lashing out at production and everyone around him in the process. Including his wife.

Usually, that kind of unpredictable behavior makes for high drama and good television. But, it looks like the network didn’t want any more of Brandon Reid’s antics at the Married at First Sight reunion show. On top of that, MAFS seems to hold itself to a higher standard. So, it seems they ran out of patience with Brandon Reid.

Pastor Calvin Roberson told Soap Dirt in an exclusive interview that not getting along with the production crew is a “red flag”. In addition, he said some people “start acting abnormal” once cameras roll. So, that may also be a factor.

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