‘Married at First Sight’: Zach’s Been Chatting up Mindy’s Friend on the Side – More On Other MAFS Couples

Married At First Sight Recap – The couples hit the one month milestone of their marriages. Zach Justice decides to turn the gaslight all the way up on his special day. He accuses Mindy of being dishonest while casually throwing out he’s been talking to her friend on the DL. Katie Conrad desperately looks for a way out but gets sidetracked when Derek Sherman gifts her with concert tickets.

Not even a card and a manicure date can soften Brandon Reid who’s all the way over it all on Married At First Sight. Michael Watson makes an effort with eggs for Meka Jones, but she looks ready to snap at all times. And of course Jessica Studer and hubby Austin Hurd make it work. Let’s break down the couple’s first month of marriage which feels more like a marathon. You can watch the show Wednesdays at 8PM on Lifetime.

Married At First Sight Recap: Wow! Justice To Mindy Shiben – “It’s Not Me It’s You”

Zach Justice hasn’t even spent the night with his bride Mindy Shiben in the whole month since they were married. Mindy continues on in sad delusion that he’s going to come around. She invites him to the skating rink where she is a coach. Zach says he’s competitive. Of course he is. That’s why he’s easily risen to the top of the reality show douchebag hall of fame. There isn’t anything more rewarding than seeing him bust his ass on the ice while Mindy skates circles around him.

Later on the Married At First Sight recap, Zach Justice meets Mindy for red wine at a neutral location. The two discuss the ups and downs of marriage. Well for Mindy Shiben it’s been mostly downs. Zach sweats and stiffens when she suggests he spend the night. And tells her she hasn’t been honest. Mindy is blindsided and asks what the h*ll he’s talking about. Zach is annoyingly vague and sh*tty with her. Mindy walks out and Zach dodges another bullet of having to have anything to do with her for now.

Zach Admits He’s Chatting Up Mindy’s Friend Behind Her Back

Sadly Mindy Shiben goes home to the gift from production which is the couple’s wedding photos. Still determined to get the marital D she deserves she calls him up to come over. Honey, this guy’s not giving it to you. You are as interesting to him as split pea soup. Zach shows up and his facial expressions are that of someone who would rather be anywhere but here. And I mean anywhere. Mindy questions him about what he thinks she is lying about.

On Married At First Sight, because Zach wrote the book on gaslighting, he says he can’t tell her. But casually throws out that he’s been texting and calling one of her bff’s who was at the wedding. The chick with the sunburn named Lindsay. They started with small talk on Instagram and then swapped digits. Zach swears it’s all been about Mindy and nothing else. He says they haven’t talked in days and only on the phone once.

Mindy crawls into bed and dials up Lindsay. Whose voice is shaky as jello. She says that their “friendship” has gone beyond Mindy. And that he just sent her a cute happy friday text that very morning. She says she deleted their convos because she doesn’t want to talk to him again. And he’s a sociopath. Well maybe after filming. Mindy hangs up and says someone is lying. Duh. And so are you dear Mindy. To yourself. Check yourself and check your so called friends before you wreck yourself.

Meka Jones Hates Breakfast Even With a Mimosa

On Married At First Sight, Michael Watson is still trying to save face after trying to pass himself off as a yoga instructor to wife Meka Jones. Just the sight of him in his matching patterned tank top and shorts is making Meka mad. Meka is always mad. And just waiting for the right moment to blow up and kick this man to the curb. Meka learned of Michael’s breakfast obsession on day one of the honeymoon. And his thirst for evaporated milk in the morning has left a sour taste in her mouth ever since.

Clueless Michael waltzes around the kitchen offering up mimosas and eggs with sides. Not even champagne and OJ can kill the bug up Meka’s a*s. She hates breakfast, hates his lies and doesn’t want anymore of this forced crap. He gets nostalgic about how he used to cook breakfast with his grandma. Meka chews a single bite of turkey sausage as if it’s day old gum off the curb. And talk about if looks could kill. Michael better ease up or he could end up on Snapped next.

Meka survives being forced to answer questions about grits on Married At First Sight. The two go on a boat ride where she gifts him fancy ties. He has a gift too. A trip to Jamaica to swim with dolphins. Meka seems excited. But wonders if it’s for real. Or if he will take her by train to Jamaica, New York and give her a box with a stuffed dolphin, some Starburst and a few free passes for the yoga class he teaches. Can’t wait to see how this ends on MAFS especially because we already know it does.

Katie Conrad and Derek: Is the Pot Calling The Kettle Brat

On Married At First Sight, Katie Conrad has been pouting and looking for a way out of this mess for awhile now. Mostly ever since she discovered her new hubby loves sharing when his morning BM snakes its way onto dry land. The minute Derek Sherman wouldn’t start throwing out the L word she started making her case. The two had a tiff where she said she checked out over text and he said no offense but eff-you.

This did not go over well with the self appointed princess of MAFS. No amount of baby voiced whining or rose petal baths is going to change the fact that she just doesn’t like Derek Sherman. And him showing up on anniversary date night with a backwards ball cap seems to cement her annoyance even more. They argue about the fight but decide to move on. All is well until Derek rattles of a bucket list that includes skydiving, backpacking in jungles and composing a Christmas song.

For some reason the Christmas song really rubs Katie Conrad the wrong way. She calls him weird and a brat. She tells him that kind of stuff won’t fly with family life. Forget your bucket list you need to be home with me doing laundry and listening to me nag about how you ruined my life. Derek pulls a lifeline out by telling her he bought them tickets to see her favorite artist in Nashville. This is enough to distract Katie for now and she even lets him take a bath with her on Married At First Sight. Yawn.

Austin Hurd & Jessica Studer Get Crafty on Married At First Sight

As the sh*t show of the other couples plays out around them at the MAFS Mapleview Towers, Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd’s nerdy kind of love stays afloat. Austin has stopped off at Hobby Lobby to pick up a hand mold kit. He has fond memories of making one as a kid. So the two hold hands and shove them into a plastic bucket filled with goop until it gels. After which they have to claw out the creepy mold of mortar colored hands. It looks like something you’d see in a funeral parlor.

On Married At First Sight, now that arts and crafts hour is over, Austin Hurd once again does something nice for Jessica. So she can again remind him how hard she works and how much more money she makes than him. Austin fixes up a nice private room at a restaurant with her favorite: sunflowers. Jessica is impressed and relieved there weren’t things in place to make papier mache crowns. But he still isn’t ready to say I love you, which bums her out, but they are still hanging in there.

Brandon Reid Is Over It All

On Married At First Sight, the producers, psychiatrists and pastor are scrambling to save face with Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin. Why? Neither one of them had any good intentions coming on here in the first place. So let them go already. Instead, producers plant wedding pics and videos of the day these two made the biggest mistake of their life. Taylor decides to see if Brandon will join her for a manicure.

Surprisingly Brandon says yes. But somewhere between soaking and filing things go south yet again. Taylor has written an apology for her famous Instagram video saying she’s single. And it just brings it all back for the always on edge Brandon, who calls it disgusting yet again. Taylor wants to be friends. But Brandon doesn’t. This guy has wanted out of here since the day she took a selfie when he snored. Dr. Pepper and company need to cut ties ASAP.

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