‘Married at First Sight’: Vincent Morales & Briana Morris Clash Over Money

Married at First Sight hubby Vincent Morales just started his own business, and Briana Morris has a great job. Despite them having a good financial foundation, Vincent feels freaked out by the amount of money his MAFS wife Briana spends.

Married at First Sight: Vincent Morales Stressing Over Briana Morris’ Spending Habits

Vincent Morales from Married at First Sight said he worried they were spending too much and not saving enough. After a month of marriage, they got right into their budget to make sure they were on the same page. It came out very quickly that they were not on the same page.

Married at First Sight wife Briana mentioned spending $400 on clothing and $350 on her hair – each month. Vincent Morales’ eyes almost popped out of his head. Some people asked where she stores those clothes.

Briana Morris told Vincent Morales of Lifetime that she works hard for her money. And since she has it – she wants to spend it and do nice things for herself. Married at First Sight star Vincent asked if Briana could tone it down a little bit with her spending.

Married at First Sight: Vincent Morales - Briana Morris

Briana & Vincent Don’t Want to Budge

Married at First Sight couple Briana Morris and husband Vincent Morales are both stubborn. Neither one of them want to budge on the budget, and that could cause some serious problems. Briana said she wants to go out and enjoy life with her husband – not stay in all the time and try to be frugal.

Briana and Vincent from Married at First Sight obviously love each other. But a big percentage of marriages end in divorce due to financial issues. Some fans think they are sailing toward rough waters in their relationship.

Married at First Sight fans said the couple would have to learn to compromise, or it’s likely over. They also have issues with kids and with what time to wake up, which puts more cracks in their relationship. Fans hope their love would be enough glue to keep them together until they resolve these challenges.

Married at First Sight: Vincent Morales - Briana Morris

Married at First Sight: Coming Together as a Couple

When Vincent went to speak with Pastor Cal Roberson, he didn’t want to bring up negativity about the relationship. He did finally talk to Pastor Cal about his sleeping habits. They decided he should ask Briana what compromise they could make.

Even so, when they talked about it, she didn’t seem to want to make a compromise Vincent of MAFS would accept. The last time they had issues, they did talk to the experts and learn how to talk them out. Fans hope they are able to work through these as well since they seem a lot bigger than the last ones.

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