‘Married at First Sight’: Briana and Vincent Still Going Strong?

Married at First Sight couple Briana Morris and Vincent Morales seemed to have an almost instant connection from the very beginning. Almost immediately after their vows, their bond was apparent. This bond has grown through the wedding night and honeymoon and continues as the show progresses to date.

Married at First Sight: Vincent Morales and Briana Morris Connect at the Altar

Married at First Sight couple Briana Morris and Vincent Morales might not have known each other before getting married, but VIncent said his wife is the perfect one. Briana says her husband checked off a lot of boxes in a short time, and she would see what else he checked off while giving a saucy look.

As their wedding day closed, Married at First Sight fans noticed how comfortable Vincent Morales and Briana Morris were with casual touching and a goodnight kiss. The morning after the wedding, viewers see them laughing in bed. Vincent said he felt very comfortable around her, and it was amazing waking up next to Briana.

Through the next day brunches with each other’s families, they both seemed very comfortable meeting the new in-laws, although Vincent did sweat a little while getting grilled by Briana’s family. They laughed together after brunch. Vincent Morales promised to do whatever it takes to protect Briana. Packing to leave for the honeymoon, the Lifetime Married at First Sight couple joked and played, with Briana Morris trying on his hat.

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris - Vincent Morales

Honeymoon Strengthens Bond for MAFS Couple

Once in Vegas for the Married at First Sight honeymoon, the bond between Vincent and Briana has a chance to grow even stronger. Almost immediately, Vincent Morales hears bad news from home. His much-loved Grandmother is in the hospital with a possible heart attack. Briana is there for him, supporting him as he hears the news.

Vincent Morales apologizes for ruining everything, and Briana is right there to reassure him that’s not the case. She comforts him, and they hold hands through it. Vincent admits it brought more trust between them, and he let his guard down with her. Knowing she has his back when times are tough is why he wanted a wife. This MAFS duo is already experiencing some of the difficulties that come with marriage.

But clearing those hurdles makes for a strong relationship, as Vincent and Briana are finding out. His Grandmother is expected to make a full recovery which relieves Vincent immensely. But dealing with the health scare together brings them close enough that Briana tells Married at First Sight viewers they consummated their marriage. Vincent Morales proclaimed the night “magic.”

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris - Vincent Morales

Fan Sees Vincent and Briana in Atlanta

Decision Day has come and gone in real life, even if not on the Lifetime show Married at First Sight. Spoilers previously revealed that Vincent and Briana stayed married. But are they still together? Evidence points to that possibility.

A social media post recently mentioned that a fan saw Briana and her husband in Buckhead, a suburb of Atlanta. The Married at First Sight fan mentioned that they were merely crossing the street, but they looked adorable. According to the original poster, they were very sweet, and yes, Briana and Vincent are still a couple.

A few months does not necessarily indicate a lasting commitment, but considering how this pair started, it certainly seems promising. From never having met before to being Married at First Sight, Vincent Morales and Briana Morris seem to be off to an excellent start.

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