‘Married at First Sight’: Briana Morris & Vincent Morales Split Over Kids?

Married at First Sight couple Briana Morris and Vincent Morales are off to a good start, but that might not last long. The MAFS couple hit some troubled waters when the topic of children came up.

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris Afraid of Giving Birth

Briana Morris of Married at First Sight told Vincent Morales she loved him. Vincent told Briana that he feels the same way about her. One thing that is important to Vincent Morales is that he has children – and Briana Morris said she is scared to give birth.

Married at First Sight wife Briana opened up to her husband and let him know about her fears. On their honeymoon, they brought up the subject of kids, and Briana Morris looked a little nervous. If they aren’t able to have kids because of this, it seems like this might be a deal breaker for Vincent.

Fans of MAFS said there were other options to become parents like adoption. Most people think they look like they are doing good and hope this won’t derail their relationship.

Married at First Sight: Vincent Morales - Briana Morris

Briana & Vincent Morales Slow Down to Understand

Vincent Morales from Married at First Sight felt upset with his wife after some of the comments she made. Briana said she didn’t even realize she said anything hurtful. Despite this, she did say she wanted to do better because she didn’t want to hurt her husband.

Married at First Sight wifey Briana Morris said her normal is being by herself and getting her way. Her family even warned Vincent Morales about this by telling him how bossy she was. Fans said they should have kept that out and said nice things about her.

Vincent and Briana agreed to slow down and to talk about things instead of getting mad. Viewers said their communication seems to be getting better.

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris - Vincent Morales

Married at First Sight: Making Big Future Plans

Briana Morris from MAFS talked with Vincent about some of the things he wanted to do. He had a big list of things he wanted to do and places he wanted to go. Briana asked him if he wanted her to take him to those places on a date or if this was more of a trip situation.

It seemed like Married at First Sight husband Vincent was teasing Briana. They do well together with their quirky personalities and seem to like each other’s humor. When the baby topic came up, however, all of the humor went away.

Lifetime’s Vincent looked very sad about the thought of not being a father. Fans hope this isn’t the end for the couple.

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