‘Married at First Sight’: Briana Morris Wanted to ‘Pitch a Fit’

Married at First Sight‘s Briana Morris seems very calm and sweet. Despite how calm she seems, she said there was something during MAFS that made her want to “pitch a fit.”

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris Upset about Dress Shopping

Lifetime’s Jamie Otis pointed out a meltdown from Briana Morris’ co-cast from Married at First Sight, Clara Fergus. She was upset because of her hair and her “very short dress.” And Jamie asked Briana what she thought about everything.

Briana of Married at First Sight said she understood why Clara felt upset. In fact, she said she almost went off during wedding dress shopping. Her sister and her mother didn’t get to come, and she was livid over it.

Married at First Sight bride Briana Morris said her sister and mom couldn’t get tested. And the fact that they weren’t able to be there did make her very emotional. As a matter of fact, Briana said that everything leading up to her wedding day wasn’t what she thought it would be.

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris - Vincent Morales

Briana Keeps Her Calm

Married at First Sight star Briana Morris said that she wanted to lose it. And that she was emotional during the wedding dress shopping. Despite this, she kept her calm and said she knew it wouldn’t make things better.

Briana said there were a lot of emotions leading up to the Married at First Sight wedding. And that most of the things she wanted didn’t go her way. She said that just because she didn’t say anything about it—that didn’t mean she didn’t feel it.

Entering into marriage during a pandemic is stressful and even more so when on Married at First Sight. Jamie Otis said that she thought they should get a pass because things were so crazy. And many fans said they thought Briana did a great job of keeping her cool.

Married at First Sight: Briana

Married at First Sight: Vincent Morales the Perfect Man for Her

Briana Morris worried that she wouldn’t feel an attraction to her new husband. She said she always pays attention to the looks of a person first. And she wasn’t sure if she could make it past that if he wasn’t good looking.

Married at First Sight fans said they thought she would have an attraction to Vincent. But everyone held their breath until Briana Morris saw him. And thankfully, when she did see him, she was extremely happy.

Viewers were glad to see that both of them looked happy to see each other. And they also noted that they seemed very natural together and not like they just met. Fans have high hopes for this couple and wish them the best.

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