‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Karen and Miles Williams Share First Kiss – See Pic

Married at First Sight spoilers reveal Karen and Miles Alexander Williams sharing their first kiss. Fans of MAFS are on the fence about whether these two will stay together or divorce on Decision Day. But it looks like things are heating up.

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Karen Starts Truth or Dare Weirdness

What’s the quickest way to experience backlash online? To say you have “red flags” after someone opens up to you about depression. Thankfully, Karen quickly cleared up matters and let viewers of Married at First Sight know that depression wasn’t a red flag.

In fact, it looks like things are going much better for Lifetime’s Miles Williams and Karen in the latest Married at First Sight spoilers. And Karen is the one that started it all with a game of truth or dare. Their friends got to read the cards, and they had to choose dare or truth.

During the dare, Miles Alexander Williams had to smell Karen’s armpit. That was definitely the weirdest thing, but then things got real. And you could tell that Miles was a little worried about how Karen felt about it.

Married at First Sight: Karen - Miles Williams

Miles Williams Is Ready for PDA

Miles Williams has been ready for PDA and any kind of attention from Karen since day one. But Karen has been a little reserved throughout the process. A friend of Karen shared that she is much more fun than what people see on Married at First Sight.

It seems like Karen isn’t a fan of the cameras, and they made her uncomfortable. Despite her discomfort, she was still a good sport. But this same friend said that if it weren’t for the quarantine, it’s likely they wouldn’t have made it.

Being able to spend time alone together without the whole production crew helped this cute couple. Karen was able to open up and see more of the real Miles Alexander without the camera. And it looks like she liked it.

Married at First Sight: Karen - Miles Williams

Married at First Sight: Does It Go Further Than a Kiss for Karen & Miles?

The big question is whether this Married at First Sight couple makes it. According to MAFS spoilers, yes, the couple does make it. In fact, there is even photo proof that shows Miles Williams and his wife Karen are still together now.

Fans are excited about this couple sticking together. Even though the beginning of their relationship was a little rocky—everything looks good now. And when you look at that first kiss between the two, it’s obvious to see there is chemistry.

The reunion taping happened recently. And people were surprised to see the cast there together in Los Angeles, even with the lockdown.

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