‘Married at First Sight’: Fans Shade Experts for ‘Ghosting’ Cast During Lockdowns

Married at First Sight fans threw shade at experts of season 11. The quarantine episode revealed that the experts didn’t give them much help for what seems like over a month. And fans don’t know why the experts would ‘ghost’ them during this difficult time.

Married at First Sight: Marriages Fall Apart

Things were going sideways even before the quarantine. But when COVID-19 hit New Orleans, Married at First Sight watchers were confused about how things would go for the cast. It seems like the lockdown brought up different problems for each couple.

MAFS‘ Miles Williams and Karen had problems because she worked, and he didn’t. Miles’ school shut down due to the virus, and he was stuck at home bored. But Karen didn’t think he was doing everything he could while locked in at home.

Olivia and Brett Lindsey from Married at First Sight also took the quarantine hard. She worked at the hospital and Brett was at home worrying about COVID and watching the news. Olivia went to visit her mom against Brett’s wishes, and he moved back to his own house with his cats.

Married at First Sight: Olivia - Brett Lindsey

Getting Back on Track

Once things lightened up a little bit for the Married at First Sight production and cast, they started production again. The couples did their own filming, and you could tell. Then the experts started talking to the couples again.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz told Karen she was sorry they couldn’t keep in touch. It was this statement that struck fans as strange. They asked, “Why wouldn’t the experts continue helping them via video chat?”

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Others defended the experts and said it might have been the fault of Married at First Sight producers. Whatever the case, fans blame the experts for not helping the couples more. And some people think Henry Rodriguez and Christina might still be together today. Others say that the relationship “never had a chance.”

Married at First Sight: Christina - Henry Rodriguez

Married at First Sight: Did the Show Fail the Cast?

Fans of the Lifetime show kept up heated arguments about who failed who. Most fans of Married at First Sight agreed it was a tricky situation. But they say that doesn’t mean the experts should have left them on their own.

MAFS viewers suggested they could have taped the counseling sessions. Most everyone knows how video technology works and how easy it is to tape meetings. But many viewers think Married at First Sight might have failed the cast.

It seems like the Married at First Sight crew waited over a month to start back up. And viewers feel frustration for the cast’s lack of help from the experts. But it seems like some of the couples survived despite the rough times.

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