‘Married at First Sight’: Jamie Otis Say Experts Got It Wrong

Married at First Sight‘s Jamie Otis doesn’t always agree with the experts according to a recent slip. And it looks like one of the experts isn’t happy about her public disagreement.

Married at First Sight: Jamie Otis Finds Love

Lifetime’s Jamie Otis found love on the very first season of Married at First Sight. Jamie is no stranger to reality television since she also appeared in the 16th season of The Bachelor before her MAFS participation. She and her husband, Doug Hehner, have two children, but it wasn’t smooth sailing for this couple in the beginning.

When Jamie walked down the Married at First Sight aisle, she was not happy with what she saw at the other end. In fact, she said that Doug was pale, sweating bullets, and had a creepy smile on his face. And the biggest part was that she said she didn’t feel any chemistry there.

The weeks after this were difficult as well, but Jamie kept working through it. And she said that her husband was very patient. They worked through their issues, and now they are happy together, and she said they would stay together through it all.

Married at First Sight: Jamie Otis - Doug Hehner

Jamie Says They’re a Bad Match

Recently Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis shared her feelings on a certain couple. Jamie said that Olivia and Brett Lindsey weren’t a good match. Dr. Viviana Coles said, “Gee, thanks, Jamie,” and it seems like she took it personally.

Jamie Otis from Married at First Sight isn’t the only one that thinks Brett and Olivia are a bad match. The fact that they have very different goals in life makes people wonder how they got together. Olivia likes to spend big and to take trips, and Brett is all about being thrifty.

And you can’t forget about the children issue. She doesn’t know if she ever wants kids, and he wants to have babies for sure. Fans of Married at First Sight agreed with Jamie that the experts didn’t do their best job on this couple.

However, Pastor Cal Roberson told Soap Dirt that many times participants are not honest during the screening process. We’ve seen on MAFS where some spouses admit that they lied about things like wanting children.

On the other hand, many times matching people with opposite goals will add balance to a marriage.  What if the Married at First Sight experts matched Olivia (who likes to spend big) was matched with a husband that also liked to spend beyond his means?  It’s a recipe for financial disaster.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey - Olivia

Married at First Sight: Making the Most of the Marriage

Jamie Otis would be the first one to agree it’s difficult to marry a stranger. She was an ideal example of an awkward marriage that everyone thought would end in divorce. But Married at First Sight fans are glad Jamie and Doug worked things out. Jamie talked to Soap Dirt about what a scary process it was, and how she made it work.

Some fans still have hope for Olivia and her Married at First Sight man Brett. But in real-time, Soap Dirt reported Brett is now with another woman. It looks like he has a girlfriend that is very happy to snuggle with him.

Jamie Otis said that you have to really work on your marriage. But it looks like Brett Lindsey was done working on his.

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