‘Married at First Sight’: Molly Duff and Jon Francetic – Where Are They Now?

Married at First Sight pair Molly Duff and Jon Francetic had quite a bit of drama in their relationship during their time on the Lifetime show. Molly had emotional outbursts and Jon was the target. Their relationship reached unhealthy levels. Finally, Jon had to record Molly’s obscene behavior towards him to show the experts what he was dealing with. Where are Jon and Molly now?

Married at First Sight: Molly Duff Verbally Abuses Jon Francetic

Jon Francetic gained a lot of sympathy from Married at First Sight watchers because of his wife Molly Duff. And, a big part of that was due to the way Molly Duff treated him. She berated him and was verbally abusive toward him. Eventually, her abusive behavior was caught on camera and also when Jon recorded her with his phone. Dr Jessica Griffin was surprised by how bad things were once she found out.

In order to show the Married at First Sight experts what he was dealing with, Jon Francetic secretly taped his wife during one of her verbal attacks. In addition, there were intimacy issues for the pair that turned out to be huge red flags. Molly Duff told Jon Francetic that him touching her made her “skin crawl”. Meanwhile, there were other mixed signals from Molly. She had no problem dancing provocatively with her husband while out in the club. But, as seen on Married at First Sight, Molly would put a wall up whenever he would initiate contact with her.

Jon was also frustrated that Molly would tell him about one-night stands she had before they were married (which included a threesome), yet would not sleep with him after being married for several weeks.

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MAFS: Molly Duff Plays Mind Games

Even before Decision Day came on Married at First Sight, Jon Francetic didn’t want to continue playing games with Molly Duff. And, when he showed Molly Duff the recording of her, she had an interesting reaction. Rather than admit what she did was wrong and commit to working on their issues, she felt betrayed by her husband. She didn’t like that he went behind her back with the recording.

Meanwhile, Molly Duff openly said she wouldn’t do anything differently when it came to her marriage to Jon on Married at First Sight. Things got heated between Molly Duff and Dr Jessica Griffin as well. After the recording was brought to the surface, Dr Jessica called Molly out for her lies. And, it meant a lot to Jon that Dr Jessica stood up for him like she did. It validated his experience with Molly and took the burden off of his shoulders.

Married at First Sight: Dr Jessica Griffin - Jon Francetic

Jon Francetic and Molly Duff – Where Are They Now?

It doesn’t look like Molly Duff has found her Jon Francetic replacement since her time on Married at First Sight. Interestingly, her twin married. But, it seems Molly is still single. Molly often hangs out with other Married at First Sight ladies like Amber Martorana and Mia Bally. And, the MAFS women even got matching tattoos during their last reunion in Dallas, Texas.

Jon Francetic found his own Married at First Sight happy ending after all. But, he didn’t find it the way most cast members do. Jon was approached on social media by hundreds of women wanting to date him. His co-stars were even getting messages from people wanting introductions. Because Jon was seen as attractive, intelligent, patient and kind, he was a highly sought after bachelor.

In the end, Jon kicked Molly Duff to the curb and found love with Married at First Sight‘s Dr Jessica Griffin instead. Yes, Jon and the expert, Dr. Jessica Griffin, are now a couple.

Jon had turned to Jessica throughout their journey on MAFS. And, when it was all said and done, Jessica’s connection with Jon Francetic turned into something much deeper than what they had sitting across from each other on the couch.

Dr Jessica’s role on the show was not one of a therapist, therefore she was able to date join after Married at First Sight ended without conflict of interest.  However, Dr Jessica Griffin left the show to pursue her relationship with Jon Francetic. And, the pair have been happy ever since.

Jon Francetic Is Engaged And Getting Married Again

Dr Jessica recently posed snaps on Instagram from a wedding planning weekend they just had. So, Married at First Sight followers will want to look out for that in the near future.

With new episodes of Married at First Sight coming up, the new pairs will have to navigate their relationships and all the hurdles that come with them. While Jon Francetic’s journey is unusual, he and Dr Jessica are proof that you can find love in unlikely places. Maybe the show was an opener for Molly Duff and she realizes what could have been. That’s something new and future couples may want to keep in mind on their MAFS journey.

Don’t forget to watch new episodes of Married at First Sight, this January on the Lifetime network.

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