‘Married at First Sight’: Jon Francetic’s Nerdy Hobby – Dr. Jessica Griffin On Board

Married at First Sight star Jon Francetic has a nerdy hobby. And it doesn’t look like Dr. Jessica Griffin wanted to let him go it alone. In fact, she even photobombed him during an important part of his playtime.

Married at First Sight: Jon Francetic Is After Jolteon

Jon Francetic jumped on the trend of playing Pokemon Go. And while a lot of people no longer play it, many of the kids that grew up with Pokemon still can’t get enough. And this Married at First Sight husband is one of them.

Viewers of MAFS thought it was funny that Jon had such a nerdy hobby. But it doesn’t seem like Dr. Jessica Griffin minded at all. As a matter of fact, she even jumped in the screen when Jon Francetic tried to feed his virtual furry friend.

Jon and Dr. Jessica have an adorable relationship, and it doesn’t seem like she minds his childish tendencies. Many fans of Married at First Sight said they would rather a husband chasing virtual creatures than chasing women. His ex-wife, Molly Duff, couldn’t stand his happy-go-lucky ways, but now he found someone that does appreciate him.

Married at First Sight: Jessica Griffin

Dr. Jessica Griffin Grateful for Her Husband

Married at First Sight former expert, Dr. Jessica Griffin said she had a rough last year. And that she is finally coming out of it and feels much better than she did. Dr. Jessica said the last few weeks were a lot, and she had to take some time away.

Fans of Married at First Sight said they felt bad for Dr. Jessica Griffin. And begged her to get back on the Lifetime show to help the experts. But it doesn’t seem like she wants to get anywhere near the program.

Dr. Jessica said Jon wrecked her plans and took her away to have some fun. She said, “that’s my man,” and it didn’t seem like she minded him taking her away. Fans of Married at First Sight said they were glad she snapped Jon up after the terrible experience he had with Molly.

Married at First Sight: Jessica Griffin - Jon Francetic

Married at First Sight: Jon and Jessica’s Getaway

Fans said Jon Francetic probably found some good Pokemon while on their trip away. Dr. Jessica Griffin said he took her to one of the most romantic places. They went to a romantic spot in Maine where she said they had great food, a spa, drinks, music, and fireplaces.

Married at First Sight star Jon took her to a great wine spot as well. They went to Coastal Wine, where they enjoyed a few drinks and said the atmosphere was great. Viewers say the couple look like they are still newlyweds. And that they hope the next year of their life is much better than the past year of their life.

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