‘Married at First Sight’: Jon Francetic Dating Show’s Shrink – Molly Duff Replaced by Dr Jessica?

Married at First Sight might have made a new love match between Jon Francetic from MAFS season 6 and the gorgeous Dr Jessica Griffin. If you watched last season, you saw the utter devastation heaped on Jon by ice queen Molly Duff. Now it looks like a hot new love might have risen from the ashes of that failed trainwreck marriage.

Jon Francetic and Dr Jessica Griffin Dating Since Summer?

A Married at First Sight fan posted back in July that she saw Jon Francetic and Dr Jessica smooching in Massachusetts. They’ve also been posting on Instagram from the same locales all summer and dropping flirty comments. But finally, as you can see from the photo above, it looks like they’re moving from lowkey dating to a public romance.

Jon Francetic shared the pic of himself and the Married at First Sight matchmaker on his IG page. The two recently ran a Spartan race together. This is not a chummy pic of friends standing close. He’s got his arm around her shoulder and she’s got two solid hand fulls of handsome Jon. Heaven knows after what Jon endured with Molly Duff, he deserves a little happiness. Were clues of attraction dropped in Season 6?

The social media post below referenced their MA kissing and if you look at Dr Jessica’s Instagram, that’s exactly the city she was in on that date. Jon Francetic was also posting from there at the same time. Apparently there were other social media posts between the two that they each posted then deleted. Maybe they’ll quit hiding soon!

Did Dr Jessica Fall for Jon Francetic During Married at First Sight?

Recurring Married at First Sight viewers might remember the pivotal confrontation during Season 6 of the show. Dr Jessica dropped by Jon and Molly’s place and ripped into Molly Duff for her lies and terrible behavior. You can see the clip below. It shows the scene when Jon Francetic recorded Molly being truly horrifying while at Universal Studios with him.

Jon Francetic said he taped her so that people would understand how she treated him. Dr Jessica says she understood why he did it and said Molly was “pretty mean” yet kept it hidden. Jessica asked Jon to play the video in front of Molly Duff who tried to twist things and make herself the victim. Molly exploded over being taped and her lies put on display for all to see.

Dr Jessica dropped some harsh truths on Molly Duff saying the way she spoke to Jon “was vile” and said she thinks Molly’s been lying. At about the 3:10 mark, Dr Jessica snapped on Molly and told her “I don’t like your lies” after accusing her of sugarcoating the events. Was that the moment that Jessica might have decided she wanted Jon for herself? Let’s face it – he’s a catch and got a raw deal getting stuck with Molly.

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Trying to make a statement about life and someone’s trying to ruin it for me 🤔 …still empire building, don’t worry

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Dr Jessica – a Much Better Match Than Molly Duff

MAFS watchers recognized early-on that Molly was a bad match for Jon (maybe for anyone human) and that he deserved better. Dr Jessica is certainly better for him than malicious Molly. While the couple hasn’t DTR’d publicly, that photo from the Spartan race sure looks cuddly. That, plus their Instagram activity sure makes it seem like they’re official.

The IG pic above shows Dr Jessica’s hand photobombing Jon’s coffee selfie, and that’s lots more where that came from. Jon’s been tweeting about Married at First Sight season 7 in Dallas and teasing Jessica about her hair. Dr Jessica flirted back saying her hair was a love barometer and the bigger hair meant bigger feelings. Perhaps those are her feelings for Jon she’s referring to.

Jon Getting an Insta-Family – Dr Jessica Has Three Kids

Married at First Sight shrink Dr Jessica has three kids, but no husband in sight, so perhaps she’s looking for a guy ready to settle down. Given their Instagram posting geography, it’s likely that the guy above playing in the water with Jessica Griffin’s kids is the former MAFS groom. Jon made it uber-clear on Season 6 that he wanted a wife and kids.

If he puts a ring on Dr J, Jon will have it all. While the majority of matches made on MAFS fall apart, it’ll be interesting to see if one made by the matchmaker herself stays together. What do you think? Are you happy that Jon Francetic has apparently found love with Dr Jessica?

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